Arun K. Garg, DMD — Dental Pioneer, Global Humanitarian

Arun K. Garg, DMD: Dental Pioneer, Global Humanitarian

Arun K. Garg, DMD

Dr. Arun K. Garg is the embodiment of two very different life aspects, and combines them both seamlessly and successfully. He is an expert dental implant educator and a global humanitarian. His courses transform the lives of students and his live patient program through his non-profit, The Garg Foundation, is helping rebuild a nation from the ground up.

Dr. Garg is a passionate believer in the dental implant revolution. As such, the courses he has developed through his continuing education company, Implant Seminars, are democratizing a skill set once solely the province of specialized dental practitioners. His motivation is simple: if we employ the latest digital technology in the process of teaching dental implants, it makes the surgeries performed by trainees much more accurate, much faster, and much less invasive. If they do, they can help more patients to benefit from a more attractive smile.

In addition to his own professional and personal skills, Dr. Garg places great value in the importance of networking and collaboration. Committed to the concept that a rising tide lifts all boats, he is steadfast in his desire to bring the greatest minds of dentistry together for mutual career enhancement.

With his main office in Aventura, and additional clinics in Hallandale Beach and Pembroke Pines, he has treated patients throughout South Florida. His courses have trained thousands of dentists throughout the nation.

But a major component of Dr. Garg’s life is his charitable work. His significant practice in the U.S. is complemented by the treatment of thousands of patients – entirely for free – in a state-of-the-art Dominican Republic training facility, which Dr. Garg conceived and built from the ground up. The 26-chair location is complete with cutting edge dental equipment which enables Dr. Garg and his doctors to provide approximately $2 million in free dental services on each trip. In 2015 alone, it is estimated that more than $25 million in free dental work has been provided to residents of the Dominican Republic.

Even prior to his work in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Garg has worked extensively to help underprivileged populations during his time with the University of Miami and Jackson Memorial Hospital. Beginning in 1989, as a Professor of Surgery in the Division of Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine, affiliated with Jackson Memorial Hospital, he instituted a program providing free care for HIV patients. At the time, AIDS and HIV were making headlines for all the wrong reasons – infection rates were rising, treatments, limited as they were, remained out of reach for most middle class patients, and the stigma of the disease itself carried significant emotional scars.

His embrace of 21st century techniques, his passion for teaching, his marketing and business acumen and his tech-savvy mindset mean that’s he committed to the best of the professions new ideals as well.

Ultimately, Dr. Garg is far more than a healer of fixed teeth. He’s a community leader of the highest order – not only in South Florida, but across the US and around the world. From his lectures, to his surgical skill, to his philanthropic efforts, Dr. Garg is a pioneer and positive influence on everyone he touches.

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