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Your Business Image is Everything

Rachel Lucas and Patrick Alexander of Balambico join the Aventura Marketing Council / Chamber of Commerce

It’s a common practice to idealize the concept of not judging a book by its cover, but the truth is: it’s done all the time. How many times have you gone to a website only to experience difficulty finding what you are looking for, or it is not visually appealing? You more than likely did not make a purchase.

Having just any website online is not great for business, especially for the competition for online real estate. Your website has to gain the potential client’s confidence. It should not look like it was created in the 1990s. What worked then, will not work for your more online savvy prospects.

Fortunately for your business, the Balambico team of U.S based developers specializes in creating stunning, modern websites. Not only will your establishment be the envy of your competitors with a Balambico website, your website is guaranteed to be mobile friendly and SEO optimized; hence, increasing your chances to be on the first page of Google.

Many of Balambico’s clients have acquired such results. “At Balambico we not only enjoy designing amazing websites, we also like providing software solutions where we connect various systems together such as accounting, payroll, HR etc.” said Patrick Alexander, CEO.

Balambico firmly believes every business should have an online presence and offers one-stop shopping for services such as free domain names, custom applications, professional websites, SEO and emails.

For more information about Balambico, phone: 1-800-762-1286 / 305-814-5962, email: or visit

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  1. Patrick Carbon | May 19, 2017 at 5:29 pm | Reply

    I’ve used the service and I recommend Balambico without any reservations

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