David Muransky, Director of Aventura Chiropractic Care Center, enjoying 32nd year

By Lynn Carroll….

Dr. David Muransky

Dr. David Muransky is celebrating his 32nd year of practice with a smile.

“Being a Chiropractor all these years has been great,” he says. “What makes it easy is that it gets results.”

Chiropractic’s high success rate translates into enjoyable relations with, and for, patients, says Dr. Muransky, director of the Aventura Chiropractic Care Center in The Promenade Shops, 20475 Biscayne Blvd.

“In my office my staff and I treat patients with respect,” he says. “We go out of our way to assist, offering easy appointments, with little or no waiting. If insurance is used, we try to handle most if not all the paperwork.”

Dr. Muransky says studies have shown that most medicines, whether over-thecounter or prescribed, have adverse side effects. Some, he says, can even be fatal.

“Chiropractic offers a natural approach to both pain-reduction and management,” the doctor says, “as well as improved spinal health. It provides increased ranges in motion, flexibility, circulation and muscle strength as well as a better functioning nervous system, which controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body.”

The doctor advocates preventive action, particularly for youngsters.

“It’s important,” he says, “to have children and grandchildren examined and, if necessary, adjusted, too. Children play sports, fall off bicycles, carry backpacks, sit slumped at computers and talk on phones tucked under their ears. Having their spines checked early can prevent and correct alignments, slowing down the decay and degenerative effects that occur in everyone.”

Over the years, the doctor says, he’s found the facts simply speak for themselves.

“Chiropractic is very logical and necessary for everyone,” Dr. Muransky says. “Phone or stop in and let me explain how chiropractic can make you healthier.”

For information or an appointment, call 305-937-3700.

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