First Service Residential employee spotlight

FirstService Residential employee spotlight

Denis Rudnev

The first time Denis Rudnev laid eyes on The Ancient Spanish Monastery, his first thought was that it was amazing that someone had moved an 880-year-old relic from Spain and tucked it away off of a main thoroughfare in South Florida. His next thought was that it was unfortunate to find such an exquisite architectural treasure in need of a great deal of work.

As Southview Condominium’s property manager, Rudnev was first introduced to the Spanish Monastery by the president of his community’s board, Dr. Janie Greenleaf. Dr. Greenleaf also serves as the Board President of The Ancient Spanish Monastery Foundation, and she reached out to Rudnev to take advantage of his diverse background in project management to help refurbish the local attraction. Rudnev rose to the occasion, promptly arranging for significant repairs to the Monastery’s roads and landscaping.

“I thought it would be most effective to focus on the Monastery’s aesthetic since that is its main selling point. Even before walking through the main gates, one could see cracks and potholes in the road and the interior landscaping was overgrown and in need of replenishment,” said Rudnev. “The interior courtyard is one of the most important features of the Monastery because it complements the beautiful masonry. I knew I had an opportunity to make an impact almost immediately, so I did.”

Rudnev developed the project specifications and leveraged the relationships he had developed from past improvement and construction projects. He encouraged his associates to help with this worthy endeavor. Rudnev was able to attain donated landscaping materials from several nurseries plus labor and financing to repair the pavement.

“The end result is that there are very happy groups of parishioners and tourists who now feverishly snap photos of the ancient masonry and the replenished courtyards of this local treasure,” said Rudnev. “It is always satisfying to give back, but to have a hand in the betterment of a nationally recognized historic site is extraordinary. The Monastery is truly unique and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to contribute.”

Although future plans include reclaiming more of the Monastery’s grounds from the massive overgrowth, Rudnev says that, for now, he is happy with the fact that others are enjoying the fruits of his labor.

FirstService Residential is proud of its employees’ philanthropic endeavors and encourages them to look beyond their own communities to make a difference each and every day. For more information on First- Service Residential’s property management services, call 954-925-8200 or visit

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