Judges’ meeting hosted by Association Law Group and Hotwire Communications

Judges’ meeting hosted by Association Law Group and Hotwire Communications

Carl Lender, Hotwire Communications; Ben Solomon, Association Law Group; Judge Rudy Ruiz, Miami Beach Courthouse. From the North Dade Justice Center: Judge Myriam Lehr, Judge Caryn Schwartz, Judge Betty Capote, Judge Carlos Guzman and Judge Jason Dimitris

Justice for all interested in “building business” prevailed at the Aventura Marketing Council’s recent Breakfast Meeting co-hosted by Association Law Group and Hotwire Communications. The event featured County Court judges from the North Dade Justice Center including Judge Myriam Lehr, Judge Betty Capote, Judge Jason Dimitris, Judge Carlos Guzman, Judge Charles Johnson and Judge Caryn Schwartz.

Former Chief Judge Joseph Farina, Circuit Court Judge Lisa Walsh of the Dade County Courthouse and County Court Judge Rudy Ruiz of the Miami Beach Courthouse. Circuit Court Judge Stan Blake was deemed “most entertaining emcee” for handing down insightful ”LOL” rulings.

Legal leader/AMC Chair Cliff Schulman of Weiss, Serota, Helfman welcomed guests gathered at the Newport Beachside Hotel along with Association Law Group senior partner Ben Solomon and Business Development Director, Aventura Vice Mayor Howard Weinberg, as well as Carl Lender, Vice President of Sales for Hotwire Communications and Steve Schmitz, Vice President/General Manager of Hotwire’s Fision Work, commercial division.

When the gavel was passed to the judges, they presented evidence benefiting the community. Judge Guzman, a Florida Bar Referee, spoke about disciplinary actions that can be taken against lawyers for violations against clients, the legal system or issues involving integrity such as DUI’s or fraud.

Judge Dimitris focused on communication, noting when litigants can achieve a “meeting of the minds” it can lead to more favorable settlements. Judge Lehr and Judge Farina, who now serves as a professional mediator, concurred that mediation is a very efficient, cost-effective way to resolve disputes.

Judges’ meeting hosted by Association Law Group and Hotwire Communications

Sen. Ron Silver presents Ben Solomon, Association Law Group and Carl Lender, Hotwire Communications with sponsor plaques

Judge Capote encouraged everyone to pay attention to crime prevention by being vigilant and reporting suspicious activities to their police department. Judge Schwartz warned, “be on the lookout” for people claiming to offer fraudulent legal services, while Judge Johnson cited the merits of retaining reputable, professional attorneys.

Testifying to the success of Hotwire, the privately-owned company recently acquired its largest competitor; expanded into Naples and Atlanta; opened two new local offices; and now provides upgraded fiber optic telecommunications services in 17 states to over 100,000 customers including HOAs, luxury condos, college campuses, commercial properties and hospitality venues. The launch of state-of-the-art “Fision” and “1,000 Gigabit” technologies now enables Hotwire to offer faster, customized fiber optic services. For example, only Hotwire customers can rewind TV channels for up to seven hours and skip commercials – without a DVR.

Renowned for innovative legal solutions earning Daily Business Review’s “Most Effective Lawyers” ranking, Association Law Group is a full-service law firm representing hundreds of HOAs and condos throughout Florida, primarily as their general counsel. Services include contract preparation, interpretation of statutes, litigation, collection of past due assessments addressing illegal tenant situations and other non-compliance issues relating to an association’s governing documents. ALG also owns and operates Title Company of Florida focusing on closing residential and commercial transactions for domestic and international clients.

For more information, visit www.hotwirecommunications.com and www.algpl.com.

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