Remembering the Beginning

Remembering the BeginningEveryone who was here at the beginningof the incorporation of the City of Aventura is probably saying and feeling the same thing; “How quickly these 20 years have passed and how true the City has stayed to its original mission.” Aventura was conceived as The City of Excellence and it has become that and more. I feel privileged to have beenthere at the very beginning and to have participated in the creation of this new City.

Of course, everyone will have their own version of the story. Everyone’s involvement was different and everyone’s experience was unique. However, the unifying truth, held by all, was that we were deeply aware of the enormity of the situation and of how important it was to do it right.

There was an incredible group of talented people who came forward to contribute to the birth of this new city in an unofficial capacity like my husband who lent his knowledge, experience and expertise as a former Mayor and public official for many years, in municipal government. When he passed the Commission planted a tree in his honor and in recognition of his contributions. I am still, to this day, comforted by and appreciative of their actions.

I was also fortunate to serve Aventura, in its early days, as a member and Chairman of the Community Services Advisory Board and as a member, vice-chair and chair of the Recreation and Cultural Arts Board. I knew the Founding Fathers and the Founding City Manager. I attended the Commission meetings and watched history in the making. There was a real sense of Community.

It was a privilege to be part of something so monumental. It was an exciting time that was truly amazing and awesome. I remember and treasure my memories of the entire experience and of all of the people involved. Space does not allow me to name everyone that made a difference, but they are forever inscribed in my heart and I remember them fondly. One of the outstanding impressions I still hold is the passion and dedication of all the participants.

There is obviously some truth to the old saying about having the right people in the right place at the right time.Happy Anniversary Aventura!

May your future continue to be blessed and bright.

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