Wandering & Pondering – How did I get here?

I thought when I married Elaine that we would be together forever.

Then “E” got sick and the wedding vowels, Until Death Do Us Part became my life.

My love was gone from this earth but not from my heart.

Several years have passed and not a day goes by without thoughts of our life together.

But with a touch of guilt, I have to admit that I am feeling, can I say the word, lonely.

My children and grandchildren are the best but have their own lives to live.

My male friends are loyal and we keep in touch, the occasional lunch, a card game. But I was spoiled by the best. I was exposed to a world that only a “special” woman can provide.

I never expect or want to find another like her but I have to admit spending time with an amateur want-to-be doesn’t seem as disloyal as it once did.

We shared the best years of my life and the worst months of my life.

Sweetheart, until we are together again, maybe a movie or a dinner at Olive Garden wouldn’t hurt. (Early Bird, Of Course)

Give me a sign, I’ll always know its’ you.

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