2014 Is Time to Get Your Billion Back America!

Missteps by Americans on self-prepared tax returns contribute to $1 billion left on the table

H&R Block is here to help America get its billion back. A recent H&R Block study shows that when Americans prepare tax returns themselves, about twenty percent leave money on the table by not claiming all of the tax credits and deductions for which they qualify, among other things. These inaccuracies contribute to more than $1 billion left on the table in unclaimed money.

That’s like $500 on every seat, in every professional football stadium in America!

Our 80,000 tax professionals understand the complexity of the tax code and are excited that we can bring simplicity to it for our customers and get them the best refund possible. We’re committed to helping consumers get the maximum tax benefit they deserve.
Every tax situation is different, and not everyone will receive a refund. But in a 2013 study of tax returns by people who did their own taxes, H&R Block tax professionals found that about 1 in 5 taxpayers was entitled to a larger refund or owed less money.

Taxpayers can bring their past three year tax returns to a local H&R Block office for review. A tax professional will do a free review to ensure taxpayers received the maximum refund possible and to help them recover any hard-earned money that might have been left on the table.

At H&R Block, we sign and stand behind every return we prepare in our offices.We guarantee the accuracy of returns prepared by H&R Block professionals. And we have the expertise, support and flexibility to assist with tax preparation, personal finances, health care reform concerns, and more.

For information about assistance preparing your taxes, contact Carlos Ponce, Tax Advisor 4 and Registered Tax Return Preparer. H&R Block office is located at 100 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables. Call 305- 774-6822 or visit www.hrblock.com.

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