If you haven’t noticed, women are taking over

Misty May-Treanor (left) and Kerri Walsh Jennings earned a Gold Medal for the U.S. in beach volleyball at the Olympics.

In case you haven’t noticed, they are all around us! I even have one living in my house. Why should we be concerned about this? Because if you watch the Olympics you’ll see that the women athletes seem to be doing much better than the men. Fact: Women have won 53 percent of all U.S. medals this year. They comprise 44.4 percent of the athletes at this year’s Olympics, up from 26 percent just a few years ago.

As of this writing women outscore men 18-10 in U.S. gold medals. I couldn’t help but notice how many more people are watching women’s beach volleyball. Even I found it fascinating.

There is an explanation. As you perhaps know, I spend a great deal of time at my local gym. As a matter of fact on my last visit I actually burned off 23.5 calories, according to the computer on the machine that I was using. When I look over to the exercise room all I see are women kickboxing, practicing karate, and otherwise getting themselves into fantastic shape.

We now have women on the police force, in the fire department, Army, Navy, and even flying airplanes. My dentist is a woman and the doctor who operated on my wrists also was of the female gender. What next? Perhaps the presidency?

I watched the 20/20 news show one evening and learned that there are women billionaires now; one in particular was Lynn Tilton, who owns more companies than any woman in the United States — 75 at last count. Not that it matters, but she is a hot, single, 51-year-old entrepreneur. There are 10 more besides her just in the United States. (By way of disclosure, I have yet to reach my first billion).

I can’t help but notice all of the women with beautiful athletic legs jogging on Old Cutler Road each morning as I drive to work. (Hey, it’s better than talking on my cell phone or texting.)

Women seem to be surpassing men in the brains department as well. My own daughter is an accomplished attorney. That never would’ve happened in my day. At home, when my grandchildren come to visit I occasionally have a difference of opinion with my wife. The grandkids usually tell me to listen to her because she is smarter. At one time my wife and I argued about who was really in charge in my family. We decided to let our own grown children decide.

When the question was put before them they replied, “Mom of course. Why do you bother to ask?” My wife insists that I was really in charge because I made one decision in our 50 years of marriage that she disapproved of — installing tile flooring in my living room rather than carpeting. Yippee!

There was a time when I actually was the “man of the house.” That was before I attempted to do a simple thing like change a toilet seat in our bathroom. The bolts holding it were rusty so I simply tapped on one of them with a hammer and chisel in an attempt to break it loose. Instead the entire toilet split in half and dumped water all over our house. She screamed, “Why didn’t you call a plumber?”

How embarrassing would it be for a self-righteous male to call a plumber to replace a toilet seat? My smart —s lawyer/daughter suggested that I leave the house while my wife called the plumber. When I returned I could say,

“Why did you have to call a plumber? I could have done that myself!”

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1 Comment on "If you haven’t noticed, women are taking over"

  1. seriously, the men from around the world are better trained and compete at a higher level.
    a lot of women that compete in the olympics shouldnt even be there.
    women in america have the advantage over other women thru out the world because they have better coaches and better training than most countries.
    if you want to look at a sport where women are trained at a even level , look at womens diving and than tell me how the american women did

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