Kendall mom designs shirts with goal of helping others

Daniela Garcia is founder of Pure of Heart, a new clothing company.

A year ago, Daniela Garcia was going through a difficult time in her life.

“It was really dark,” she said. “At that moment, I saw clearly I needed to speak up and be me. Not just be a mother, or a wife, but be me. I saw many around me with the same situation.”

She said that during that dark period she was looking at her life and realized she wasn’t happy. There were problems that affected the people around her from illnesses to job losses. All of this angst made her take a look at her life and question whether she was doing what she wanted to do.

“Did I do what I wanted to do?” is one of the questions she asked herself. And she decided to take action because she wanted to set an example for her children.

Her personality is such that she always has wanted to help people and when she went through her difficult time, she saw a way to help others.

“Let me use clothing, that when you wear it, you actually feel it,” she said. “It talks about love; it talks about protection. It’s about love.”

She started a clothing company called Pure of Heart and has released her first collection.

“I wanted to send a message through my clothing for the empowerment of women,” Garcia said. Because she always has had people make clothes for her and she has always altered them or painted them, she wasn’t daunted by the idea of designing a collection.

“I always had an inclination for it,” she said. “I make my own jeans. I kind of play with clothes. I have a lady who is a seamstress and a designer.”

So she went to her seamstress with ideas.

“It was really easy,” Garcia said, adding the collection is made in the USA. “We made it here so we could help the economy and have the best quality control.”

The fabric is also eco-friendly. She is working with a new all-natural fabric called Tencel, which is made from wood and has no chemical waste.

It also allows for rich colors.

“It is wonderful to work with,” Garcia said. It also is a comfortable fabric for anyone who lives in a hot and humid climate but works well in other climates as well.

“The fabric is very versatile,” she said.

The first collection consists of 14 shirts.

“They are all different. You can dress it up, dress it down. It can be used in a variety of ways. The most important part of my collection is the message.”

The messages say “Pure Love,” “Pure Blue,” “Pure Intentions” on the front and then they have a different message on the back.

The collection also is colorful and each color has meaning. For example, pink means love.

“The message on the pink shirt is ‘Pure Love,’”

Garcia said. “On the back it says, “I love you and I love myself, together we are a part of a beautiful life.” Garcia said her goals include having Pure of Heart merchandise available at boutiques across South Florida.

For more information and to order from the Pure of Heart collection, go online to .

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