Lately the news has left me dumbfounded

Yes, there are people who think I am stupid and perhaps some of them are right.

As I have said many times, I am a regular reader of any newspaper that I can get a hold of plus I watch the TV news every night.

I usually start my newspaper reading with the comics, but lately they seem too advanced for me and many I don’t understand. There is one called The Argyle Sweater that I hardly ever get.

As for the actual news, that is another story. These past several weeks I have been as dumbfounded about the actual news as I am about the comics. I tried — really tried — to understand exactly what is going on in Turkey. It seems that some people want to overthrow the government there and the government also wants to overthrow the government so there are parts of the military on both sides of whatever the issue is. (I haven’t figured that out either.)

Then I see news about a criminal on trial for murder, who simply takes off his handcuffs, changes clothes and leaves the court through a back door. Remember this next time you are in court for a minor traffic violation. If he got out so easily, it should be duck soup for you. Of course he has since been apprehended but my guess is that he will find another way out. Geezzz!!

Every day there is another terrorist attack in various parts of the world. Other than killing a few innocent people, what do the terrorists actually expect to accomplish? It is not as though they are weakening the military and all that results are more attacks on ISIS with perhaps other civilians being killed because they don’t keep them separate from their soldiers.

The terrorists are almost always caught or commit suicide. Of course they are promised the 72 dark-eyed virgins as a reward. Wouldn’t it be terrible if they were not virgins at all? Of course I wish I could convince them that this life on earth is all they get, but there are too many who believe otherwise so I doubt that I could do that.

I can’t resist commenting on weapons again.

Recently a caregiver was shot by a policeman in North Miami. The officer had an automatic weapon rather than the good old fashioned service revolver, which you had to actually aim and be somewhat good at. Instead, just as the bad guys do, he simply kept firing until he hit something — in this case the wrong target. Yes, I think police should be able to have weapons on a par with the bad guys, but not for everyday use and certainly not against, as in this case, a toy truck!

I have just about given up trying to sort out the Middle East. Who is worse: Al-Quaida, ISIS, Hizballah, al Shabab, HAMAS, or any of the hundreds of other groups? Check it out on Google under terrorist organizations.

I have been watching the political conventions but more for their entertainment value than to help me decide who our next leader will be.

Do you believe all that stuff?

Last week, a lady drove her dead husband all the way across Alaska and stopped at canneries along the way for ice to add to the aluminum casket. Boy, I hope I get treated as nicely when my turn comes. I might request some Haggen dazs chocolate chip be included in the box but that might be asking too much.

Venezuela: Now I know that there are a lot of Venezuelans living in Dade County, but I am really not interested in having it headlined in every newspaper that I open. I even tried to understand the problems there but I go back to The Argyle Sweater. At least the illustrations are fun.

When I was a kid we hardly ever heard of someone being gay unless they were extremely happy. Otherwise we called them names and made fun of them. Transgender was not a word and I never had to think of whether the guy next to me in the men’s room was a guy or a girl or whatever. States and courts are now battling it out on how to deal with this conundrum. Now do you see my frustration?

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