Industria Logística de Doral Amenazada por el Puerto de Mariel en Cuba

One who transport people to work and doing business every day and thousands of square feet of industrial office space, more than two million square feet APPROVED for commercial establishments; host major logistics as Hellman Logistics and headquarters of Carnival Cruise Lines and many other.

All told, Doral and its surrounding areas has been preparing for the opening of the Panama Canal expansion in 2015 The 25th Street viaduct facilitate the expected increase in truck traffic, such as the Port of Miami Tunnel. The latter has committed an investment of one billion dollars in its development, with the hope that connectivity will boost profits by reducing transit time. The Corps of the United States (after receiving approval from Congress) is managing the project $ 220 million dredging the harbor, will increase the depth of dredging to 50 feet, so you can receive ships with features Post Panamax.

The Port of Miami is the only Florida can accommodate super containers and these developments are expected to contribute $ 34 billion more to the economy of South Florida dollars and 30,000 new jobs. Currently, the port brings to our economy about $ 27 billion dollars, accounting for more than 200,000 jobs statewide. The current administration of the State of Florida has committed a total of $ 112 million, and Miami-Dade County is providing an additional $ 108 million for projects related to infrastructure.

Doral is conveniently located between the airport and seaport and is expected to pass by that city as many goods and services that feed both ports. He also hosts the Miami Free Zone, frequently visited by trade missions coming in order to receive information on incentives and business opportunities for Florida. The Panama Canal expansion magnify our economy and help us to keep our taxes low. The future looks bright Doral, but there is another port that also has been preparing for 2015, when in operation the expected expansion of the Panama Canal. It is our southern neighbor: Cuba.

The January 27, 2014, the sophisticated seaport of Mariel in Cuba became operational. Headlining the opening ceremony were President Raul Castro and Brazilian Dilma Rousseff, plus heads of state CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) were also present, including those of Venezuela, El Salvador, Ecuador and Argentina. Rebuilding the seaport of Mariel had a nearly $ 900 million cost. Brazil funded $ 802 million in the first stage and contributed $ 290 million for the Free Trade Area of ​​Cuba, which funded the rest. Port construction borne by the Brazilian firm Odebrecht contractor expects to complete construction in 2015.

The terminal, which will have the capacity to store between 800,000 and one million containers, will be operated by the Port Authority of Singapore, PSA International, the same company that manages the PSA Panama International Terminal. The Cuban Puerto Mega Post Panamax vessels can receive and springs have a dredging depth of 60 feet.

After the inauguration of the port into operation the first 700 meters from a total of 2,400, work continues on the Special Development Zone and Free Trade Zone (ZED) and (FTZ), which aim to attract to Cuba international companies, with incentives such as lower taxes, reduced regulations for manufacturing, storage and redistribution of goods environment. Companies like Marco Polo, Brazilian bus manufacturer, Geely, the Chinese automaker, and other countries like Angola and Malaysia have already expressed interest in the project.

Doral international investors compete to conquer other countries, including Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Panama and other cities in the United States that include Free Trade Zones or FTZs, but Cuba is a very serious threat to Doral as a result of geographical position, which has no advantage over any of the other zones.

Approximately two-thirds of everything that passes through the Panama Canal or comes from the United States or is destined for the United States, when the channel is reopened with its new features, capacity will double and it will also increase the potential to expand exports to the American union.

Both the Port of Mariel like Miami will be vying for the same customers, Latin America and Asia. Both have their eyes on agribusiness, biotechnology, information technology and Cuba and has prepared the basic pillars for international business based on oil.

The current trade embargo restricts the capabilities of Cuba, for any vessel to dock in a Cuban port shall not enter the United States in the next six months. If however cometh to rise and the Free Trade Area of ​​Cuba is located just 120 miles from Florida and will be an alternative to much lower costs for companies looking to manufacture and ship products to the United States. These days, American ships can only enter Cuban ports with a special permit and cargo restrictions.

If however cometh to rise, so adverse that affect the economy of the city of Doral, Florida State and across the country. Economist Dr Antonio Villamil agree with that statement, adding that “lifting the ban will negatively impact our local economy.”

We closely monitor the actions that Washington is proposing and understand the negative impact that an eventual lifting of the embargo will have on our local economy here locally in the City of Doral, logistics is our number one industry and we should be obliged to protect our city and its economic development. The adverse domino effect that can result from it will be felt for many years.
About the Author:

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera was the first Economic Developer of the City of Doral and is currently aldermen of that city. He is an international speaker and trainer in the areas of Democracy, Economic Development, Leadership and Related Matters and Empowerment of Women.

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