Social Marks DBC Forum for 40 August


From left to right Gloria Burns, Aly Ramos, Stephen Musolino, and Lenny Sklawer at Doral Business Council social August 21.

Doral’s Carolina Ale House treated members and guests of Doral Business Council’s Forum to a free beverages and set aside a party area for the crowd on August 21.

Over 40 gathered to enjoy a funfilled night that included great networking, door prizes, greeting new faces as well as new prospects for the DBC.

Forum Chair Gloria Burns expressed her appreciation to Joe Marouf for his hospitality and to those donating door prizes, including Lizz Wiegandt of Mary Kay and Miami Community Newspapers.

From left to right Marti Bueso, Norris Perez, Sgt. Joe Perez, Reza Ray and Mercy Crespo enjoy social.

Among those enjoying the affair were Reza Ray, Armando Fernandez, Diana Jelen; Max Fleischer, Ricardo Trillos, Stephen Musolino, Nella Watanabe, Mercy Crespot, David Simboco, Aly Ramos, Marti Bueso, Norris Perez, Sgt. Joe Perez, Iliana Rodriguez, Troy Wright, and Lenny Sklawer, to mention a few.

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