‘Victims’ of home invasion face drug-related charges

By Richard Yager….

Pictured at the Miami-Dade Police Hammocks District CAC meeting on Sept. 28 are (l-r) Detectives Christopher Alfonso and Sixfredo Serrano; Officers Nicholas Pauzulois, Pedro Guerra; Capt. Hernan Organvidez; CAC chair James Blough; Det. Orlando Sanchez, Officers Kevin Vecin, Alberto Martinez and Thomas Kennedy. (Unavailable for photo were Officers Phillip Hall, Jose De Leon and David Torres-Menendez.)

Eleven Miami-Dade Police Hammocks District detectives and officers summoned for a robbery in progress later discovered the two “victims” calling for help would have to answer drug-related charges.

The ironic turn of events began when Detectives Orlando Sanchez, Sixfredo Serrano, Christopher Alfonso and Officer Nicholas Pauzulois arrived at a SW 142nd Avenue address on Sept. 6 following an emergency call.

A dispatcher-relayed message from a female said that three males were attempting to break down the front door of her home. The dispatcher also reported hearing a male voice in the background ask,  “Where is the marijuana?” before the woman‘s call for help disconnected.

Immediately upon arrival, Det. Serrano helped an elderly male, identified as one of two victims “laying helplessly” on the ground in front of the house. Escorted to safety, the man whispered in Spanish to Det. Serrano that a male was “holding his wife” inside his home.

Stealthily entering an open front door, the four officers found a male standing by a female, lying on a couch in a family room, and without further incident, took him into custody.

Shortly afterwards, two males who had fled the rear of the home were captured by a four-man backup unit that included Officers Jose De Leon, Phillip Hall, Thomas Kennedy and Albert Martinez. The three apprehended males were charged with a home invasion robbery.

Questioned by the search team, the female caller said she had been struck and threatened with her husband’s death if police were called as the three males forcibly held the pair while the home was ransacked.

Searching officers, however, found both a hydroponics lab and a “substantial amount” of marijuana in the house then informed the couple they would face drug-related charges stemming from the incident.

Honored for their collective teamwork, the eight officers together with Officers Pedro Guerra, David Terres-Menendez and Kevin Vecin earned citations honoring each as Officers of the Month for the Hammocks District. The awards were by Capt. Hernan M. Organvidez and CAC chair James Blough at the Sept. 28 CAC meeting.

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