Check Out What Skybanditz Has Been Up To

Skybanditz: Cleaning Up Our Beaches and Making Miami Beach a Kite Surfing Destination

Last year, the Miami Beach Community Newspaper wrote a story introducing readers to Skybanditz, one of the leading Miami Beach kiteboarding companies. Since then, the company has had some new projects they’ve been working on that they wanted to share with readers.

Currently, the Owner of Skybanditz, who also founded the Miami Beach Kiteboarders Foundation, Francisco Escudero, has been working with the City of Miami Beach Ocean Rescue in teaching lifeguards proper kiteboarding safety techniques. The mission of the Miami Beach Kite Boarders Foundation is to preserve, promote and help educate individuals on kite surfing and has over 200 members.

“Since it’s a new medium, the life guard force needs to be prepared and be able to do all types of rescues,” said Escudero, who was a sponsored kiter for 15 years. “We train the Miami Beach Ocean Recue on how to identify a kite boarder in distress and how to do approach them. We hope to develop the manual soon for the City of Miami Beach on proper safety techniques.”

Additionally, they are working with the Edition Hotel, 1 Hotel South Beach, SLS Hotel, Hi -Miami Beach/ Taquiza and Palms Hotel in developing Kite, Surf and Paddle programs to their Day Life Activities.

Also, they are expanding on their kite surfing banner Program to spread positive environmentally friendly messages.

They are working with the Environmental Collation of Miami & the Beaches (ECOMB) in raising awareness of environmental stewardship and preserving the community’s ecology. Skybanditz is a liaison to ECOMB: Adopt a Beach program, for $500 businesses can adopt a section of the beach, place their logo on a plaque and organize beach clean ups.

“We hope to spread good messages using the kites,” said Escudero. “The messages would have an environmental focus and be positive. We hope to bring awareness to clean the beaches as well.“

Skybanditz Kiteboarding is known for providing lessons and programs designed for individual needs. What sets them apart is that they respect the student’s progression rhythm allowing them to find a lesson that best adapts to their needs. If individuals or groups want to take one class to just check it out or take series of classes, they will work on devising a program based on the student or group’s lifestyle.

Skybanditz’s involvement in the community is extensive including partnerships with ECOMB, The Red Shirt Kite Surf Ambassador Program that assists and collaborates with life guards and local entities in coordinating and educating new comers to the sport locally, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, EF School & Rennert School water sports camps, among others.

Daniel Santamaria, co-owner of Skybanditz, said, “Kite Surfing & Paddle boarding are fun, healthy and exhilarating way to enjoy the outdoors at the same time developing strength, coordination, and fitness.

We want to thank the 1 Hotel Rooftop for hosting the Miami Beach Kiteboarders Foundation Season Opener.”

For information, pricing and schedules, or to join the MBKF visit or call at 786-290-4585

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