Miami Slender: Revolutionary diet and fitness program

Miami Slender: Revolutionary diet and fitness program

Pictured are Michele Gust (left) and Irene Nichols.

It’s the new year and, as usual, the majority of the population has made a resolution to lose that holiday weight and restore those weary muscles.

Miami Slender’s initial four-week program is all the diet and fitness package you need to achieve those goals, and success is guaranteed when followed with commitment.

Miami Slender, 7800 Red Rd., Ste. 201, is the creation of Irene Faith

Nichols and Michele Gust, two knowledgeable, holistic, health and fitness professionals. The pair has partnered to present a unique interactive program that will transform your body, mind, and life by “retraining your brain” to actively engage and support your weight loss goals. Everyone is welcome to learn the secret of easy, permanent weight loss in a safe and caring environment.

Nichols, a Coral Gables-based metaphysician, brings 40 years of expertise in diet and nutrition. As a Certified Holistic

Practitioner and Master Life Coach, her Miami Slender program includes nutritional counseling, group life coaching, guided imagery and revisioning, and holistic hypnosis.

“Our goal is to join the conscious mind with the sub-conscious to achieve permanent results,” Nichols said.

Gust, a South Miami-based physical therapist for more than 17 years, is the owner of South Miami Physical Therapy & Pilates, where the Pilates portion of the program takes place. Offering as many as six classes a week, participants are ensured maximum body sculpting and fitness in a supervised setting to achieve optimal results.

“Miami Slender is unique because it ends self-sabotage and the repetitive cycle of ‘failing,’ Gust said. “We teach people how to change their thoughts about food and their lifestyle, which is the first step to permanent changes.”

Miami Slender brings together two masters with one program that will change your body, mind, and life forever. It’s time to stop sabotaging your fitness future and commit to a healthy lifestyle today. Programs are ongoing and you are welcome to stay engaged until your personal goals are met.

To begin your transformation today, call 305-661-1612.

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