Miami Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Johnny Franco hits the ground running

Dr. Johnny Franco

Miami Plastic Surgery has added a new member to the staff of highly-trained surgeons. Just this August, Dr. Johnny Franco accepted a fellowship with the worldfamous group, bringing with him 14 years of education and a respectable body of field experience.

His first term of post-graduate work was as chief resident at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine where he spent five years honing his craft and further learning the value of sacrifice and discipline necessary for any professional in the medical field.

“As a sports fan, I compare residency to training camp for football season,” says Dr. Franco. “It is where you learn and practice everything that you are going to do over your career to the point where it is automatic.”

Following his residency he took his skills overseas to Taiwan and Belgium. Each stay lasted only a month, but the experiences he gained in each country were invaluable. In Taiwan, he honed his microsurgical skills for head and neck reconstruction, while in Belgium he participated in cutting-edge breast reconstruction techniques.

“It was refreshing to see how highly regarded American-trained physicians are in both of these countries,” he says. “It really made me appreciate the system we have here, along with the training and subsequent care it leads to for our patients here in the United States.”

With its gorgeous weather, endless beaches and beautiful people, Miami was the perfect destination professionally for Dr. Franco when he returned stateside. His move to the unofficial capital of the sunshine state was made all the more worthwhile by his acceptance into the ranks of the renowned and respected Miami Plastic Surgery.

“One of the great things about Miami is that people here generally take care of themselves and stay in great shape, which makes my job easier,” he says. “The one thing that doesn’t is the excessive amounts of sun people tend to get without sunscreen.”

Not simply content to be a role player in his new position, Dr. Franco helped publicize Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day on Oct. 17. The initiative, started by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, was meant to raise awareness about a woman’s options for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

“Over 70 percent of women today are not aware that breast reconstruction is available to them after a mastectomy from breast cancer, even though a federal act in 1998 required insurance companies to pay,” he says.

“Women should have the choice and this initiative is aimed at informing them so they can make the decision.” Women who may be worried that they waited too long may be in for some good news. According to Dr. Franco it is never too late. Women who underwent a breast removal 10 years ago are still eligible for reconstruction.

Miami Plastic Surgery is located in Baptist Hospital, 8940 N. Kendall Drive, Suite 903-E, and available through the website at or by calling 305-595-6491.

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