South Florida Gets Visited By the Zika Virus

mosquito-in-miamiWith fear of mosquitoes at an all-time high thanks to the now spreading Zika Virus, South Florida stands ready to defend itself from any new diseases that come from across the water.

As South Florida stands out as a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes, the Zika Virus is one of the latest threats to travelers and natives alike.  While on its own, the virus itself just causes normal symptoms, such as a rash and high fever, it has its reputation due to its ability to cause birth defects such as microcephaly, which may be a possible outcome if a pregnant woman is infected with the virus.

Governor Rick Scott has even declared a state of emergency for the counties that house the nine related travelers that contracted the disease, which includes Miami-Dade. In cooperation with local pest control specialists and the CDC, Scott hopes to keep any of the residents from contracting the virus. New technology is even in the works, such as the thermal fogging technology already in use in areas such as Brazil, which hope to curb the populations around South Florida and related areas.

Two South Florida residents have already been reported as confirmed cases, while an additional seven travelers have also brought the virus with them from their destinations. The good news is, the people of Miami are no strangers to mosquitoes, their ability to spread diseases, and proper population control methods.

If you’re interested in keeping yourself safe, and think you could use some help, try hiring some professional help. Experts like local Pest Control Company One Two Tree Inc. that specialize in South Florida’s pest problems. It isn’t about killing off every single mosquito, which is impossible as it comes. It’s about keeping the population down through thorough assessments and treatments around any areas that can become large breeding grounds.

Like the CDC, One Two Tree Inc. works to learn how to use the same thermal fogger technology to enhance their own related spray and chemical treatments.  But it isn’t about completely wiping large groups of mosquitoes out, it’s about keeping the populations down and keeping anyone from getting bit in the first place. Only certain breeds of mosquitoes, and only females in fact have the ability to spread these diseases, so we must be vigilant in any case.

South Florida has its own issues with mosquito spread diseases, like the rare cases of West Nile Virus and Malaria. But with the proper collaboration between residents and officials, we can keep ourselves safe from the Zika Virus, and any new things that may come along to try and get us sick. But as usual, residents are taking this latest disease in stride, hoping not to cause a large panic by taking the disease out of proportion.

Take it from a Florida Resident, the best way to not get sick is to not get bugged by a lot of mosquitoes.  Keep yourselves safe with the proper procedures, and if possible, call a professional to take care of the issue, it’s for our own safety.

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