Skin Specialists keeping late Dr. Fulton’s legacy alive


Dr. James Fulton, Jr., founder, Skin Specialists, Inc.

Dr. James Fulton, Jr., founder, Skin Specialists, Inc.

When dermatologist Dr. James Fulton-Kendrick Jr. died in July at the age of 73, many wondered how Skin Specialists, the clinic he launched to treat clients with acne, aging and skin discoloration issues, would continue without him. However, the transition at the clinic has been much like the skin of his long-time patients: smooth, even and without bumps.

Dr. Fulton developed skin care products for some of the leading pharmaceutical companies including Retin-A for Ortho Pharmaceuticals. He also developed the patented gel delivery system that stabilized benzoyl peroxide (PanOxyl) for Stiefel Laboratories; and topical erythromycin (Erygel) for Glaxo Laboratories. Dr. Fulton also developed the Vivant Skin Care line of products for acne, melasma and photo-damaged skin.

“We consider ourselves to be the living embodiment of his skin care legacy,” said Skin Specialists CEO Kelly Fulton-Kendrick, who is also Dr. Fulton’s daughter. “Our clients can expect the same warm, thorough care given by my dad.”

All technicians at the clinic, 6705 SW 57 Ave., were trained by Dr. Fulton in the methods he developed to treat the skin. Fulton-Kendrick says the clinic will continue to carry not only her father’s line of skin care products, but also the line of products that he helped develop for Vivant Skin Care.

“I had the immense honor and privilege of meeting and being treated by this extraordinary human being and physician,” said client Maggie Mesa. “The short time under his care solved what more than 10 years with countless dermatologists and treatments couldn’t.”

Skin Specialists’ menu of services includes treatments for acne, rosacea, rejuvenation and discoloration of the face and body utilizing chemical peels, clinical facials, derma-filing, high-frequency, microdermabrasion, ultrasound and Venus Freeze radio frequency.

For more information, call 305- 979-1422, send email to <MySkin@TheSkinSpecialists.c om> or go to <>.

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