Success comes in ‘cans’

Once you decide todo something, you are on your way to making it a reality. I remember when I made an important decision to start running many years ago. I thought running would be a great way to get in shape and also believed it was something I could be successful doing.

A trusted friend suggested that I get a good pair of shoes to avoid injuries, so off I went to buy my first official pair of running shoes. While at the running-shoe store, I overheard several people talking enthusiastically about a 10K. I didn’t know what a 10K was, but I sensed their excitement and was intrigued. I thought maybe it was a 10-mile run or something like that. It didn’t really matter to me what it was, all I knew was that if runners do 10Ks, then sign me up! I wanted to be a runner and a part of what other runners were doing.

Leaving the store with my amazing new shoes (for what I paid for them they should have come with motors!), I was super excited to get started toward my goal of running and preparing for the 10K. I went for my first run that afternoon — all the way to the end of my street! At least it was a start.

In the beginning, it was challenging to run just a few blocks, but every day I would tell myself, I can go another block. I would walk, then run; walk some, run some. I continued adding distance until finally I was able to run an entire mile.

My friend Connie, who had been a runner for several years, became my coach. She would go out and run five miles and then came back to do my little run with me. She encouraged me and kept me focused on increasing my distance and improving my running. Day after day, we ran; and little by little I made progress.

Finally the day came for the 10K run (6.2 miles). I was pumped, as you can imagine. When the gunshot sounded to begin, my heart was pounding and the adrenaline was flowing. It was actually happening, I was running a 10K!

Throughout the run, I told myself, I can do this. I can get to the next mile marker, I can go a little farther, I can do it. I relaxed into the rhythm of the run and before I knew it, I had finished the entire 10K without stopping.

Can you imagine my excitement in achieving this goal? I had challenged myself and accomplished a big goal. It took belief that I could achieve it and everyday choices that moved me toward my goal. And, it took me saying to myself,

I can run one more block today. I can make healthy choices for meals. I can make my goal a priority. I can.” A cando attitude can take you a long way.

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” Henry Ford once said. We set ourselves up for success or failure by our attitude toward success from the start of any endeavor.

My success started with a simple decision to run. This decision, over the years, has impacted my life in amazing ways.

Running has added to my fun, helped me with fitness and a healthy lifestyle, given me a way to relieve stress and to stay focused during very challenging times. It has been an incredible part of my journey. And to think, it all began with one decision.

What if you decided today to start saying to yourself, I can be successful. I can reach my goals. I can have a hard conversation with my boss. I can ask for a raise or the promotion I know I deserve. I can start an exercise program. I can be healthier. I can make my happiness a priority. I can make changes to improve my life. I can_________……. you fill in the blank.

If you are ready to go for a big goal and would like to explore how coaching may help you succeed, call me to schedule your discovery session. Here’s to your success.

You can do it!

Pat Morgan, MBA and professional coach, works with busy professionals to help them become more profitable and productive by capitalizing on their strengths and taking focused action to create powerful change. Call her at 305-458-2849, email or visit her website at

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