Village Council Candidates Seat 1 – Candidate Germaine Butler

Motivation to run for office:

To bring awareness to the residents and the rest of the community about what is going on in the village. Taxation, impact fees and future projects coming down the pike concern me, along with highway, sidewalk and potable water fees.

Pressing issues and strategies for resolution:

Rather than lowering fees, they are creating more fees. We need more relief and reform rather than higher water fees, new water fees, new impact, sidewalk and potable water fees. I find it disturbing that the economic downturn has affected everybody and yet, instead of giving us relief, they are giving us more hardship. I would like to see senior relief, to allow those of us who want to build small in-law or granny quarters or a boomer bungalow some tax relief; property tax credits for home additions, to put it simply. I would also like to see some of the permitting eliminated.


I have been a Pinecrest resident for 30 years. I raised four kids on 96th Street. Seven years ago I was appointed as one of the original members on the Pinecrest Foundation. I served as secretary for several years and was an original appointee of the Pinecrest Gardens advisory committee. I have been a social, civic and soil activist for 20 years. I have been involved in the Pioneer Luncheon for 18 years, serving and protecting our seniors.

Future vision:

As a very familiar face at city hall, I hope to encourage civic involvement so people know what is going on. It is vital to the health of any community and municipality for the community to be informed. Pinecrest needs more people to throw their hat in the ring and get involved. We have enough attorneys sitting up on the dais. We need more common folk, humble folk who also need to be heard. I am hoping and praying there will be some kind of debate before the election. I have been walking the neighborhood with my cart and sign. I have my mom’s manifesto and scroll letter “lettuce grow better” where I encourage more time spent on our soil and less on our buildings.

Accessibility to voters:

Anyone is welcome to phone me, email, or stop by my front door any time to sit on my front porch and talk. I welcome the opportunity to talk anytime. To contact Germaine Butler, email or call 305-613- 8282.

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