MDX’s Beltway West Into the Everglades- A Bad Idea

Westward Ho! So desires MDX, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority and it’s board of directors. Project #83618, included in MDX’s five year work program would extend the 836 Dolphin Expressway further west to Krome Avenue and then south to the Tamiami Airport. In our dealings with MDX we have heard many reasons justifying this project; it will alleviate congestion, provide an evacuation route, yada, yada, yada.

MDX westward expansion map

The reality is that this project will promote more sprawl, further damage the already violated Everglades, degrade our water supply, pose a direct threat to the $12 billion federal-state Everglades restoration project, threaten wildlife on and on and on.

You have to ask do we really need this? Well do we? No we don’t! MDX and FDOT are pouring hundreds of millions of toll dollars into expanding capacity on their existing roads, Turnpike, 874, 836. This is more than enough to handle present and future capacity needs without extending the 836 west and then south. But the very mandate of MDX does not allow it to consider other viable forms of transportation. This is a fundamental problem that has MDX’s day numbered.

But we have to remember the composition of the MDX board of directors; land developers, bankers, land use attorneys and lobbyist. And they do what they do best. Not usually what is best for the long term transportation needs of our community.

We must all stand up and oppose this project! We encourage you to make your voices heard. Please contact MDX representatives Teri Garcia or Mario Diaz at

Check back with us often as we are taking a long term approach to this opposition and will be posting important information in the days to come.

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