Fitness Together… Personal training that fits your lifestyle

Fitness Together in South Miami challenges you to ditch your current trainer, gym or program for a day and experience a different kind of personal fitness and customer service at Miami’s premier personal training studio. Fitness Together combines privacy and luxury with years of fitness experience to put the “personal” back in personal training.

The certified, professional trainers at Fitness Together will help you reach your fitness goals while accommodating your busy schedule. Your personal trainer will focus entirely on you and your results while you train in your own clean, private and comfortable training suite. They promise…no distractions, no crowds, no waiting for machines and no cell phones.

“Fitness is for everyone, you just have to find the program that’s right for you,” said Scott Baumann, Partner and General Manager of Fitness Together in South Miami. “Your fitness should reflect your lifestyle. Not everyone is comfortable with the big gym scene or with mass boot camps. We offer something that is truly exclusive in personal training programs.”

Since no two people are alike or have the same fitness goals, no one fitness plan will work for everyone. Fitness Together creates a personalized program for each client that includes resistance training, cardiovascular exercise and a nutritional plan.

“The consult we have with a client on that first day is so important,” said Baumann. “We determine the client’s goals and conduct a comprehensive fitness assessment in order to create a personalized program that will achieve the desired results.”

At Fitness Together, clients will experience a system of training that is proven to be extremely effective for fat loss and muscle gain, creating the lean and muscular shape that most people desire.

“Weight training and building muscle is so important to achieve changes in the body,” said Baumann. “Muscle is the furnace of the body. When you increase muscle, you will increase metabolism.”

As part of their fitness program, clients will follow a personalized nutrition plan developed by nutritionist, Dr. Janet Brill, and receive oneon- one nutrition counseling and motivation from a Fitness Together trainer.

“A lot of good work can go to waste with one or two really bad eating choices,” said Baumann. “The key to healthy eating is to eat healthy, eat light and eat often.”

The seven personal trainers at Fitness Together will bring plenty of motivation along with something new and different to each of your training sessions in order to make your workout challenging, fun and effective.

“It’s important to work numerous muscles and have variety in a program to achieve dramatic results in less time,” said Baumann. “We’re here to keep you on track and motivate you. We get just as excited as our clients do as they achieve their results and see changes in their bodies.” Baumann says that his clients often fall into two categories: Those who have never worked out or haven’t worked out in years; and those who have been floundering in their current exercise program and are no longer seeing results or moving forward.

“Many of our clients begin a program because they have a painful motivation in their life,” explained Baumann. “Clients come because summer is coming and they feel they can’t wear a bathing suit or they want to lose weight and look great for a special event. Some want to be active with their young children and be a role model for them. Others need to lose weight for health reasons. Whatever the motivation, people want to live well and have quality in their life.”

Baumann graduated from Rutgers University and has over 15 years experience in fitness. Before moving to Miami, he was a bodybuilder in New York and spent eight years as the premier trainer at one of Manhattan’s largest health clubs. His focus at Fitness Together is on you – to get the most out of your workout, your time and your life.

“This is a life changing experience,” said Baumann. “Give us three months and you will see a big difference.”

Fitness Together Miami is located at 5829 SW 73 St., Suite 2 in South Miami. For more information or to sign up for your free training session, call 305-446- 3665

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