Life of the City-Smart City

Now that the city’s K-8 school is getting ready to expand, there may be more classrooms available for teaching new courses like these proving why Sunny Isles Beach is such a “smart city!”


This course could teach how the city’s finance department calculates fiscal year budgets enabling residents to pay lower property tax rates while still enjoying the highest quality of life. Let’s just hope all the money everyone’s saving doesn’t add up to higher credit card bills!

EARTH SCIENCE: This course could focus on the city’s scientific approach to ensuring parks with an abundance of “green earth” continue to blossom in Sunny Isles Beach – making neighboring municipalities green with envy!

STATISTICS: This course could explain how savvy City Commissioners keep abreast of statistics highlighting “growing-younger” demographics that generated efforts to build a K-8 school and provide many other family friendly amenities, activities and special events like Sunny Serenades that could never be held in the snowy north!

HISTORY: This course could recount the remarkable renaissance of Sunny Isles Beach since the city incorporated in 1997; and the history of how old motels transformed into $40 million Mansions at Acqualina and Porsche residences driving luxury and prestige along Collins at record speeds!

LANGUAGE ARTS: This course could highlight the city’s rich cultural diversity – but since there are so many languages spoken in Sunny Isles Beach, there might not be enough classrooms – even with the school expansion!

WRITING REVIEWS: This course could give all happy Sunny Isles Beach residents an opportunity to write rave reviews about life in the city and then mail postcards to all their friends and family members, sharing the sentiment Wish you were here in Florida’s Riviera!

Then again, the teacher may want to hold onto those to help keep parking spots by the beach available!

SPELLING: This course could redefine how to spell success: Sunny Isles Beach – the name also often associated with some of these words found in a special city Thesaurus: Beautiful, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, amazing, pristine, perfect, ideal, spectacular, splendid, superb!

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