From The Desk Of Commissioner Mack

West Park… What a wonderful place to live in. If you don’t have the same sentiment about where you live, please call me or make an appointment so we can figure out what would make you happy, or at least content to live, work, or play in our Wonderful Community, we call home.

Spring is here and it’s time to look around our Neighborhood, and make sure it is Safe & Children friendly! School break will be here soon and so will Summer. On that note, take advantage of the Spring and Summer programs being offered by our Parks and Recreation Department through our City. If you need help with anything that is City related don’t hesitate to call me, and let’s try to get it addressed. If we are all of the same page imagine the Power we will have making sure our obligations to you and as well as our Commitment to our business owners will all work well together.

We have exciting things coming up as it relates to City Progress. The City Manager, Mr. W. Ajibola Balogun, gets a shout out from me! He works from sun up to sun down at City Hall. You can always find him there. He is taking the City in a new frontier although there is always someone or something trying to keep confusion and discord, he always manages to pull us back together.

You “The Constitutes”, are my focus not politics because you send me for trainings and I make sure your voices are heard and acted upon. Did you know that if you don’t share your concerns with us, we can’t help you. There are so many programs offered. We can’t help you, unless you speak up! I know there are weak areas, that may be getting full attention. Don’t just walk away from your home. Tax issues? Ask Questions. Lien issues? Ask Questions. If there’s anything you will like information on, or clarification on, I urge you to call City Hall, or call your Commission. I will also like to Congratulate Ms. Sheila Powell and Ms. Vicki Fraizer Williams, along with Bishop T. Curry, on a very successful legacy program for Carver Ranches Elementary School.

I will like to apologize for the non-participation from the City. Hopefully, the next one will show a greater presence. The school was and still is a major part of our past and the legacy of the Community of Carver Ranches.

I would like to also welcome the new Chief Danzell Brooks to the City of West Park, as we are excited about his background and experience. He grew up in the area, so he is well grounded with the Community!

We work toward at all times, not just during African American Heritage Month but all Year around!

I have recently met with some of West Park’s new residents, and they seem pleased with the progress the City is making and happy to be part of this City they now call home. With the upcoming construction of the Corridors and the Parks, you can feel and see positive changes in our City. The City Manager, Mr. Balogun, once again is responsible for all the smooth transitions the City encounters, and where there may be some disparity, he replaces it with hope. I again salute him because I’m sure he can have a better salary, but he doesn’t complain. He works hard, and even gives us his time on some weekends. He just gives a new flavor to this great endeavor. Hats off to All Working Toward Positive Progression!

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