A good day for the Aventura Police Dept.


In between law enforcement duties, the Aventura Police recently participated in a weeklong officer safety driving course at Hard Rock Stadium, thanks to Marcus Bach Armas. We were able to stop for a few minutes to be recognized for doing the job that we love to do. But curiosity about Chief Bryan Pegues’s ‘surprise big announcement’ was spreading. I must have been asked the same questions at least 100 times. What is the big announcement? Can I wear it? Can I eat it? Can I put it in my pocket?”, “Come on, you can tell me, I won’t say a word” and “Hey, I found out what it is, but to confirm, I need to hear it from you first.”

The owner of Hubbell Racing along with Bach Armas and members of the Aventura Police Foundation (APF), led by their President Gary Pyott, Association 1st; Dimitry Shaposhnikov, dsXpress.com and FrandMe.com; Jeff Levinson, Bank OZK and Sheril Henney, Level Three, showed up as part of the surprise announcement. Thanks to Hubbell Racing for a donation to the APF for the purpose of raising the morale of his favorite police department, 25 cash prizes to officers and civilians were presented. Hubbell Racing is a proud supporter of law enforcement and the owner addressed each employee to tell them how proud he was to be able to stand there and thank them for the job they do, and that they will always have his support. The day was special, not because of the cash prizes, but because of the recognition, love and support from somebody who simply appreciates how hard this job can be, mentally and physically.

Once the raffle was over, APD employees surprised Chief Pegues with a birthday cake, saying, “Chief Pegues, we all appreciate what you do every day to make a difference in the lives of your employees. We recognize the burden and complexity of your command and we sincerely appreciate all of your constant work and support.”

For more information about the Aventura Police Dept., call 305.466.8966. To contact the Aventura Police Foundation, email Gpyott57@gmail.com

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