MAG Wildlife & Pest Control: The name you can trust

MAG Wildlife & Pest Control: The name you can trust

MAG Wildlife & Pest Control: The name you can trustSouth Florida is unique when it comes to pests. There are cockroaches, ants, termites, iguanas, raccoons, and rats, all of which cause damage and spread disease year around. Swarming season is starting, and if you see termites flying around your lights or see wings laying around, call MAG Wildlife & Pest Control for a free inspection.

MAG Wildlife & Pest Control is a team of state certified pest control experts and termite inspectors, offering non-tent termite treatments.

Their 7-step initial pest control treatment is unique to the industry, including using birth control for cockroaches and fleas to break the cycle of growth, dusting behind all major appliances, spraying all the baseboards and placing an exterior barrier to reduce entry of pest into your home. Services include: trapping birds, raccoons, snakes, rats/mice, opossums, armadillos and iguanas; wasp and bee removal; pest control for cockroaches, ants, bedbugs and beetles; dead animal removal; attic sanitation and exclusions; and termite treatment and inspections.

After bringing your dog, Fluffy, in for fleas or tick treatment at the veterinarian, call MAG Wildlife & Pest Control to treat your home for the source of the problem. Whether it’s cockroaches in your kitchen, ants in your pantry, bedbugs in your bed, raccoons or opossums in your attic, bees in your tree, scratching in your walls, feces in the pool, snakes in the backyard, feral cats or dead animal smells, they are here to serve you.

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