“Giving” and “Receiving” = excellent customer service

“Giving” and “Receiving” = excellent customer service

Caption: Daniel Sharon

Most people make a New Year resolution envisioning a much better and more prolific year than the previous one. Daniel Sharon, CEO of Regency Consulting Services, knows that people must make this magic happen. The shorter path to become more successful and subsequently happier is to understand the notion of ‘giving’ before ‘receiving’. In the dictionary, those two words are listed in that alphabetical order.

Businesses have customers to cater to and provide excellent service by invoking knowledge, skills and acquired experience. Customers are a great source for practicing the “giving” whereas the “receiving” will be imminent and a commensurate byproduct of the efforts extended. That’s the course of action that should be taken in order to substantiate and ideally monetize the acquired knowledge and positive action.

“Knowledge is stronger when is translated into action and action is stronger when is suffused with knowledge”.

The resolution is to “Give the best to customers, vehemently decry mediocrity, constantly strive for excellence, empower coworkers and associates and ultimately exceed expectations”…then you know you’re heading for great success. Michelangelo said, “The biggest danger in life is not when you aim high and miss it, but when you aim low and reach it.”

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