355 Alhambra awarded USGBC LEED Certification

355 Alhambra awarded USGBC LEED Certification

355 Alhambra

Taylor & Mathis of Florida and AEW Capital Management LP announced on June 11 that 355 Alhambra, located in downtown Coral Gables, received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Recertification, the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) leading-edge system for designing and constructing a sustainable, energy-efficient and high-performance building.

Green building strategies offer tangible ways for companies to improve their work environment and minimize their environmental impact while strengthening the bottom line.

355 Alhambra is owned by AEW Capital Management (AEW) on behalf of one of its institutional clients and is managed by Taylor & Mathis of Florida. The property has been named Outstanding Office Building of the Year from 2005 to 2015 by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Miami-Dade, and in 2013/2015 by the BOMA Southern Region.

“355 Alhambra has very strong ownership in AEW, a firm that is committed to the community, the environment and to maintaining its properties at their optimum level of performance,” stated Marlene Diaz, Taylor & Mathis director of operations. “Lisa Mitchell, the property manager at 355, along with her staff have been able to achieve with these goals and objectives and their commitment to excellence has surpassed expectations.

“Achieving the LEED Recertification was of no surprise to those that are familiar with the ownership, and staff of this location, as they are an amazing group of professionals and an example to the commercial real-estate sector. This will be added to their long list of recognitions and achievements.”

Environmental features that led to the 16-story, 224,000-square-foot Class A office building’s recertification included:

• Energy Conservation: Energy Star rating of 91 (highest score is 100). The building’s high energy efficiency is due to the installation of a state of the art Building Automation System that controls its HVAC system and lighting; occupancy sensors installed in restrooms and interior equipment rooms eliminate the need for lighting in unoccupied areas; energy efficient lighting is installed throughout the building; variable frequency drives installed on equipment motors reduce electricity usage; CO2 sensors installed on air conditioning equipment maximize fresh air intake while reducing the need to cool non-essential outside air.

• Water Conservation: Indoor water usage has been reduced by 30 percent by the installation of sink aerators and low flow restroom fixtures, and landscaping water usage has been reduced by 75 percent by the installation of a low volume irrigation system, rain gauge moisture sensors, and the installation of native and adaptive plans that require minimal watering.

• Waste Reduction: A comprehensive recycling system that collects office paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, light bulbs and ballasts, batteries, and durable goods such as computers and office equipment. Construction debris is also recycled. Ninety five percent of the building’s waste is being diverted from landfills.

• Green Cleaning and Pest Control: Use of safe and eco-friendly cleaning products; use of recycled paper products in restrooms, and the Integrated Pest Management Policy reduces the need for pesticides inside the building and on exterior landscaping.

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