Creating Hope


Creating Hope – Luis’s Story – Miami Resident

I’m always working out and doing my best to keep healthy. So, it was a surprise to me when, while lifting something, I developed a hernia. I knew something just wasn’t right. At first I started to have a build-up of gasses in my abdomen. Some things I would drink, especially liquor drinks, made the gasses worse. I knew it was time to make an appointment with my primary care doctor.

My primary care doctor is an internist located on the campus of Palmetto General Hospital. He gave me the choice of a referral to either one of two surgeons to follow-up with about my hernia repair. Both surgeons were also located on the campus of the hospital. I picked Dr. Vanitha Vasudevan. She explained my hernia ailment to me, came up with a course of treatment and a plan to perform my hernia repair.

I can tell you all of the reasons why Dr. Vasudevan is an amazing doctor but for me the main thing was how efficient she was with my time. I’m very busy and don’t have a lot of extra time. I needed a doctor who could fix my hernia and get me back to work quickly. Dr. Vasudevan provided care to me in a timely manner.

Dr. Vasudevan told me she could perform an outpatient minimally-invasive robotic surgery procedure to repair my hernia. She had the experience and expertise needed to perform my procedure. Dr. Vasudevan was able to set-up my robotic surgery appointment promptly. Before I left her office, I had a surgery appointment set.

The day I arrived for my surgery with Dr. Vasudevan at Palmetto General Hospital they treated me like a champ. It was first class. I was treated with care and respect from the moment I got there until the minute I left the hospital. The morning of my surgery, I arrived early and before lunchtime I walked out of the hospital. Just a few hours after having outpatient robotic surgery to fix my hernia, I was back on the phone talking to a contractor about future business. Two hours after surgery when the anesthesia was wearing off I stood up and hugged Dr. Vasudevan. I felt so good. Literally, I could have run right out of there full speed if I wanted to because that was how wonderful I was feeling.

It’s amazing how far modern medicine has evolved. I literally had no pain and walked out of the hospital that way. It really was a marvelous experience. Dr. Vasudevan is caring, professional and to the point. She was precise with my surgical care and saved me time. I feel great because I’m back to working out and closing business deals. Having my primary care doctor and surgeon on the same campus was like a one stop shop and really saved me a lot of time.

Dr. Vasudevan’s office staff is really great. One of the ladies in her office helped me a lot with my insurance questions. My trip to Dr. Vasudevan’s office was very productive. I like that they didn’t waste my time and the office was so convenient that I could get right in and out. Time is important to me because some days I have business meetings from Homestead, down into the Florida Keys and back to Miami.

Today, I’m back to getting up at 5 AM and working out at the gym where I do 28 exercises in a half hour to build stamina. I’m also back to my favorite pastime of walking on the beach. I’m back to business.

Dr. Vanitha Vasudevan is with Palmetto General Hospital

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