Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez Endorses Penelas for Mayor

Hernandez highlighted Penelas’ success on economic issues and his vision for the future of Miami-Dade County

At a press conference today, City of Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez announced his full support for Alex Penelas’ candidacy to become Miami-Dade County’s next mayor. Referring to the difficult times our community is going through, Hernandez points to Penelas as the most qualified and capable candidate to lead Miami-Dade County and help our community emerge stronger. Hernandez is the eleventh current municipal mayor to join the bipartisan group of more than 50 elected officials and community leaders who have endorsed Penelas’ campaign for mayor of Miami-Dade County, reinforcing his commitment to working together with all cities in the County.

“In difficult times, we realize the importance of having true and proven leaders in our community who focus on uniting, rather than dividing us. Leaders who know exactly what steps they must take to help us overcome the crisis we are living through, both in terms of health and the economy. That leader is Alex Penelas and that is why he has my support, my family’s, and the support of the great community of the City of Hialeah, to become the next mayor of the County,” said Mayor Hernandez.

Penelas’ successful political career began when he was elected councilman for the City of Hialeah at the age of 25. During his time as councilman, Penelas renewed the City’s ethics guidelines, requiring registration for lobbyists and disclosure of conflicts of interest for all elected officials.

“Hialeah holds a special place in my heart. Not only because it was where my parents decided to live after fleeing Cuba or because it was where I was born and raised, but also because this is where I started my political career. As such, having Mayor Hernandez’s support is a great honor. The mayor has proven to be a very effective and conscientious leader for his residents, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, when so many people have needed resources and aid,” said Penelas.

Mayors Hernandez and Penelas also share a passion for serving the community. Penelas established the #ServingMiamiDade initiative, which has delivered food and personal care resources to thousands of people across the county, partnering with private entities to ensure the sustainability of the program. For his part, Mayor Hernandez has led distributions of food, face masks, and other health products for families throughout Hialeah, giving special attention to seniors.

With this new endorsement, Penelas has shown strong bipartisan backing. To date, former Mayor Penelas is supported by 55 current and former elected officials and community leaders across the county in preparation for the August 18 primaries.

Previously announced endorsements:

  • Miami-Dade County Commissioner Barbara Jordan
  • Former Congressman Kendrick Meek
  • Mayor Philippe Bien-Aime, City of North Miami
  • Mayor Anthony DeFillipo, City of North Miami Beach
  • Mayor Spencer Deno IV, Village of Virginia Gardens
  • Mayor Orlando Lopez, City of Sweetwater
  • Mayor Roberto Martell, Town of Medley
  • Mayor Glenn Singer, Town of Golden Beach
  • Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli, City of Coral Gables
  • Mayor Crystal Wagar, Village of Miami Shores
  • Mayor Otis Wallace, Florida City
  • Mayor Enid Weisman, City of Aventura
  • Vice Mayor Edgar Ayala, Town of Medley
  • Vice Mayor Alix Désulme, City of North Miami
  • Vice Mayor Roy S. Shiver, City of Florida City
  • Vice Mayor Luciano Suarez, City of West Miami
  • Vice Mayor Larisa Svechin, City of Sunny Isles Beach
  • Councilman Sean Fletcher, City of Homestead
  • Councilman Reggie Leon, City of Miami Gardens
  • Councilman Scott Galvin, City of North Miami
  • Councilwoman Mary Estimé-Irvin, City of North Miami
  • Commissioner Barbara Kramer, City of North Miami Beach
  • Commissioner Fortuna Smukler, City of North Miami Beach 
  • Commissioner Paule Villard, City of North Miami Beach
  • Commissioner Luis Gil, City of South Miami
  • Commissioner Cecilia Holtz-Alonso, City of Sweetwater
  • Commissioner Marcos Villanueva, City of Sweetwater
  • Commissioner Saul Diaz, City of Sweetwater
  • Councilman Josh Dieguez, Town of Miami Lakes
  • Councilman Jeffrey Rodriguez, Town of Miami Lakes
  • Councilwoman Marilyn Ruano, Town of Miami Lakes
  • Councilwoman Griselia DiGiacomo, Town of Medley
  • Councilman Ivan Pacheco, Town of Medley
  • Councilwoman Lily Stefano, Town of Medley
  • Councilman Buzzy Sklar, Village of Bal Harbour
  • Councilman Patrick Fiore, Village of Palmetto Bay
  • Councilman David Singer, Village of Palmetto Bay
  • Councilwoman Debra Conover, Village of Virginia Gardens
  • Former Mayor Paul Vrooman, Town of Cutler Bay
  • Former Mayor Peggy Bell, Town of Cutler Bay
  • Former Mayor Neisen Kasdin, City of Miami Beach
  • Former Mayor Philip Levine, City of Miami Beach
  • Former Mayor Joe Celestin, City of North Miami
  • Former Mayor Jeff Mishcon, City of North Miami Beach
  • Former Vice-Mayor William H. “Bill” Kerdyk Jr., City of Coral Gables
  • Former Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemán, City of Miami Beach
  • Former Commissioner Ralph Cabrera, City of Coral Gables
  • Former Commissioner Jeannett Slesnick, City of Coral Gables
  • Former Councilwoman Isis Garcia, City of Hialeah
  • Former Councilman Julio Guzman, City of Homestead
  • Former State Representative Phillip Brutus, FL HD 108
  • Dr. Emeline Alexis-Schulz
  • Dr. Larry Pierre, founder and executive director of the Center for Haitian Studies
  • Dr. Jean-Philippe Austin
  • Maggie Austin, director of the Office of Minority and Women Owned Businesses

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