A Growing Transparency: An Enticing Exhibition at Deering Estate


The Deering Estate is presenting “A Growing Transparency,” an outdoor installation that combines land art with healing soundscapes. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience this unique exhibition on November 20th from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM.

Valeria Mejia

This collaboration combines the geometric imagery of Spanish artist, Javier Riera, with an engaging sound bath created by local artist and project director, Barbara Fernandez. Riera’s land artwork features many intricate patterns, such as a web of circles and even a stack of cubes. Everything is projected onto a vibrant backdrop of mangroves, water, and palm trees, transporting each visitor into a new environment. Fernandez and Riera have created a project that explores the subtle connection between mankind and nature while creating a pulsating energy that is alive throughout the installation. Their goal is to merge sound, geometry, and light to create the transparent layer of energy that is always present in nature.

Around the lawn will be circular speaker systems emitting textured sounds like koshi aria chimes, handpan drums, chakapa rattles, and a monolina.  As participants stroll through the grounds of Deering Estate, they will immerse themselves into this incredible soundscape.

Barbara Fernandez works as a documentary photographer based in Miami and Madrid. She has covered Florida, the Caribbean, Central and South America for 19 years. Fernandez has been featured in many major publications, such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. She is focused on bringing attention to the traditions of natives and their ancestral healing practices. For her, Deering Estate is special because it was land that was originally occupied by Paleo-Indians, then the Tequesta, and later the Seminoles. The Estate is filled with ancestral knowledge that according to her is “felt in the land the moment you walk the grounds.”

Javier Riera completed his artistic training with the Contemporary Art Workshops of El Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Currently, he focuses his works on the geometric light presentation that is projected directly onto greenery and landscape. He prefers to use photography as a means of registration, with no computer manipulation. His goal is to create an experience dedicated to the real-life intervention of “the space and time of the landscape,” bringing him closer to the ideals of land art.

“A Growing Transparency” will be a jaw-dropping exhibition that is sure to bring you into awe. Tickets are available for purchase online at Eventbrite for only $20. Live stream will also be available for free on YouTube. Headphones are recommended to hear the binaural soundscape from home. The project is funded in part by the Knight Foundation, and Oolite Arts, through the Ellies, Miami’s Visual Arts Awards.

Valeria is a sophomore at Doral Academy Charter High School. She is currently a Junior Ambassador for Miami Waterkeeper and a Deering Estate intern.

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