Has racism hit South Miami election?


Publisher Grant Miller sheds some light as to what’s going on with the 2020 mayoral election in South Miami. One controversial mail piece has been brought to the light and has residents questioning who sent it out!

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  1. Long time resident of South Miami and this is horrible! South Miami needs a strong leader that can move this city in the right direction. I hope no one votes for Phillips.

    • Horace Feliu for Mayor, decent, professional, experienced, a people’s person,and not beholding to developers, unlike Mayor Stoddard and whoever he is endorsing.

  2. It appears Mayor Stoddard is up to his old tricks of deceit to get his ghost seat for Mayor (he retires) to vote for Sally Phillips. Good investigation Grant Miller. Nobody, vote for anyone Mayor Stoddard endorses, who appears to be Sally Phillips and anyone Stoddard attaches his name to. Obviously Stoddard wants to control the City of South Miami from afar, and it appears the people he endorses are willing to continue to be puppets for him, including others sitting on the dais. Grant, check out the number of times Mayor Stoddard has appointed Sally Phillips to various boards and committees during his reign over South Miami.

  3. Someone needs to clean. South Miami that use to be one clean place they need paint job why did you guys let it get like this so you put a pool clean it

  4. My opinion:
    The person who is behind the despicable PAC of lies about Horace Feliu is terrified that he will lose his stranglehold on our city and is using unethical means to get his candidate into his seat, thereby ensuring the continuation of his agenda to destroy the city that we cherish, and turn it into a dense concrete urban hell!
    There is only one candidate who promises not to do this, and that is Horace Feliu. Not one other candidate has this statement in their platform !

  5. I am Hispanic and this has nothing to do with race, Lina Sierra is milking this. She is just upset her party alliance was exposed. #NoMoreRepublicans

  6. I agree this has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. This is all about money! Far right Repubs are all about money, and want unregulated capitalism, and development on steroids AS A MONEY MAKING MACHINE, and far left Dems are also for overdevelopment, with the delusional propaganda THAT HIGHRISE CONCRETE PROJECTS OUT TO THE SIDEWALK ARE GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! Both extremes are working together as strange bedfellows, and that’s who’s generating and funding the candidates with the biggest amounts of money in their campaign fund bank accounts. The whole ethnic game card is just to distract voters from the truth. This election cycle, like many in the past several years, is all about the race to the finish line to see who will be able to overload our city with overdevelopment. The only candidate who has stood against this is Horace Feliu, who is my pick as our next Mayor. The others are in it to act as agents for wealthy developers, to give away our zoning and continue Stoddard’s practice of creating NEW HIGH DENSITY ZONING DISTRICTS FOR DEVELOPER PALS! VOTERS TAKE HEED AND BEWARE OF SLICK EXPENSIVE MAIL OUTS ! SOUTH MIAMI IS UP FOR SALE AND SOME POLITICIANS WILL ACT AS AGENTS ON THE DAIS!


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