Miami’s Community Newspapers is endorsing Ed Silva

Ed Silva

Here’s how our un-dorsement turned into a whole hearted endorsement of former Palmetto Bay Village Manager Ed Silva.

Here’s why Miami’s Community Newspapers is endorsing Ed Silva…

After seeing the missteps that the Village Council has been making, we decided it’s time for us to step up and deliver a message that the Village needs strong leaders that have real relevant experience that can help lead Palmetto Bay into the future.

It’s clear that these are not normal times and Palmetto Bay needs and deserves, the most qualified public servants that can deal with Covid and the economic deficit that is upon the citizens of Palmetto Bay.

Here’s a real look at the most qualified candidate running for Vice Mayor and why we think he is deserving of your vote:

Ed Silva’s work in both the private and public sector has been exceptional and he will bring great value as Palmetto Bay’s next Vice Mayor.

During his time as the Village’s manager, he focused on important core issues including the environment, transportation and promoted transparency in government. As Village Manager, Ed balanced the budget and increased its net worth by $8 million.

The bottom line for him is to support and engage the community.

He has as a priority on walkability and bike-ability of the downtown, with a focus on supporting restaurants, offices and open spaces. To that end, as Village Manager he spearheaded the negotiations in acquiring 9 acres on Southwest 168 Street for an open space/park.

His focus on elevating the environment extends to the 22 acres of forestland located on Cutler Road between Ludovici Park (176 Street) and Eureka Drive. This consists of the Rockland forest ecosystem that is so important to our community and Ed supports preserving it against overdevelopment. To achieve this goal, he believes Palmetto Bay should acquire the land in partnership with Miami-Dade County, with the land acting as a buffer against future traffic congestion in addition to creating an environmental legacy for many years.

In regards to transportation, he supports concluding the comprehensive traffic study and making sure that all parties including the Florida Department of Transportation are at the table.

Lastly, as part of his platform he is calling for civility during discussions on the Village Council. Ed offers an alternative to the atmosphere of division at the expense of Village residents. He believes we should move on from pitting Council members against one another.

As a resident of Palmetto Bay for 22 years, the University of Miami graduate and founder of the award-winning ESA Inc., Architecture, Planning & Design, Ed Silva has earned our respect and is deserving of your consideration when you select the next Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay.

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  1. I’m genuinely curious if Community Newspapers would care to elaborate on the “missteps that the Village Council has been making“ of which they are basing their new endorsement of Ed Silva on? This article does not adequately explain what it suggested it would in its very first sentence, which was a reversal of their previous decision to purposefully NOT endorse any candidate in the Palmetto Bay race. You would be aiding the voters greatly by explaining the clear reasons for your change of heart. Please address the Council’s recent “missteps”. Thank you.

  2. Here’s just three Council “missteps” > 1) letting Councilman Singer’s sponsored Downtown Urban Village moratorium expire which has resulted in NINE new applications under the original D.U.V. 2) screwing up the FPL/Luxcom proposed zoning change which has resulted in the threat of a $21 million Bert Harris suit (which will cause the Village to end up with much higher densities than originally desired) 3) screwing up the Palmetto Bay Village Center negotiations, especially concerning the 22-acre preserve > and then, of course, the colossal one of NOT aligning with the County’s two generations long requests to approve the completion of the traffic grid within the Village (which would have been fully funded by the County) and has ended up with Village traffic becoming even increasingly constipated even after the expenditure of +/-$5,500,000 for ineffective “traffic calming” > Past and present Village Councils have undoubtedly created the many current challenges and the potential for Bert Harris lawsuits > from a Council communication: “The Village Manager is accountable to the Council and is responsible for carrying out policies adopted by the Council” > past and present Councils are responsible for creating ALL the current challenges, not the Village Manager.


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