Miami-Dade Commission: Approve FPL Water Project

Grant Miller

I love it when a smart plan comes together.  And, this one is a no brainer.  I am talking about Miami-Dade County and Florida Power & Light’s innovative reclaimed water deal. It brings the private and public sectors together and offers a mutually beneficial solution that is also good for one of our most valuable resources:  water. It’s a project that is set to recover millions of gallons of the county’s wastewater every day and use it to cool the natural gas plant at FPL’s Turkey Point.  It is an economical way to help Miami-Dade County comply with its mandated ocean outfall legislation, all while improving water quality. Our water and beaches are a big part of what attracts millions of tourists to our town every year.

We also need clean water to serve the communities we have today and the ones that are coming tomorrow. This reclaimed water means FPL and the County can work together to make the best use of existing wastewater, and not use up our fresh supply.

Miami-Dade County Commissioners please vote for this partnership with FPL. We need this type of creative thinking to offer out-of-the-box solutions in times that seem to be getting harder and harder each day.

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  1. Does anyone know approximately how long it will take for implementation of this plan? This involves construction of a pipeline to carry sewage waste water to Turkey Point Nuclear facility, and construction of a facility to process and clean the waste water so that it will not cause environmental harm. What will be done with the byproduct of sewage sludge? Who will oversee to make sure that everything is done un an environmentally safe and sustainable manner. The answers to my questions are critical to the future of the affected natural environment. Florida Bay is virtually dead, and Biscayne Bay has suffered a die off of at least 80% death of seagrass and sick coral reefs. The patient is in critical condition and near death!
    When this plan was first proposed to the County Commission, the only Commissioner who I heard express my concerns was Daniella Levine Cava. She is my pick for County Mayor. Environmental issues should be front and center.


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