OP-ED: Vision for a Path Forward

Robert Asencio

As we continue to deal with the Covid-19 crisis we need to start looking forward to what we want the future of Miami-Dade County to be. We have to begin right now to create the changes that will move West-Dade and the rest of our County towards a more prosperous, safe, and healthy tomorrow.

Creating those changes requires the will to bring together a diverse coalition of minds to the table. I have the ability and experience to make this happen and that’s why I decided to run for County Commission in District 11.

The Covid-19 crisis did not create the problems that our community is suffering from. These problems are the result of years of failed policies and neglect. The crisis only made the problems more visible and much worse.

Commissioner Joe Martinez has failed West-Dade. His record, and what little he’s done since this crisis began, shows that he’s voted against working families and stood for special interests.

I stand for creating a coalition of community stakeholders from a cross-section of District 11 residents, community leaders, educational entities, business owners, workers, and others to ensure the broadest participation possible in the County’s policy creation.

This begins by taking a hard look at the County’s budget, especially now that the economy has been hit so hard. Out coffers may not be as full as they should but the issue is whether the income we have is being spent wisely. The County budget has gone unchecked with no serious oversight for too long.

Our Seniors have been the hardest hit by this health crisis and we urgently need to ensure that their County services are optimized and their safety guaranteed. We must make sure that people with special needs are also receiving the services and support they require.

I seek to propose investment in incentive plans and private financial relief assistance to help homeowners, renters, and business owners avoid foreclosure or business closures.

I plan to propose legislation for workforce development, job training, and expanding youth career training programs at County facilities. My plan calls for establishing hi tech/eco-friendly industries with well-payed jobs.

I’m going to fight for the appropriate use of the County’s half-cent tax that was intended for improving public transportation, and lobby state and federal leaders for other money the District is owed.

It’s ridiculous that our County’s public transportation system’s routes haven’t been revised in 30 years! I fully support the plan that calls for new bus routes, extended service hours, more bus stops, and more busses.

The future of West-Dade requires that our communities receive the level of public services they pay for in taxes, for their safety, their wellbeing, and their quality of life.

And, above all, it requires that we put an end to the neglect and corruption in our District’s current leadership and replace it with a vision of prosperity, diversity, and inclusion to make people proud to live and work in this great community.

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