Branding vs Marketing: Which Should You Do First?


By Bryan Van Gorder


On October 30, 2020 as part of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce (MBCC) Pillar Networker Program, Technology Council Co-Chair Arathi Ramappa of Arathi Concepts led a discussion with her Tech Council Co-Chair and Chairman Circle Member,  branding & marketing expert, Omer BarSadeh. Omer is the founder of the Miami video production company Vision Movies which creates high-impact branding and marketing video campaigns for companies like Amazon, Revlon, Absolut, and Porsche.

In addition to these internationally recognized brands, Omer and Vision Movies have also worked with small- and medium-size businesses in and around Miami, Miami Beach, and larger South Florida area, to help them grow by capitalizing on the power of engaging video content.

Arathi Ramappa, an executive coach and Forbes Coaches Council member that coaches individuals and organizations on enhancing their emotional intelligence, hosted and moderated the event, and brought Omer for the discussion.

The Pillar Networker event – which is one of the MBCC’s unique and free programs it offers its pillar members – was kicked off by Arathi’s question “What is the difference between marketing and branding?”

“Branding is your message and marketing is the way you get it out there,” explained Omer. “Think about a business card. You can create a really beautiful business card—your branding—but if you don’t hand it out to anyone, then it isn’t very useful. Marketing is the handing out of the business card.”

He recommended that when small businesses think about branding, that the messaging, whatever form it takes, should answer these four questions: Who are we? What does my business do? Why are we doing it? And, how are we doing it differently from other businesses in my industry?”

“Branding is one of the most important components for a business,” he continued. “Any material—a promotional video, company website, or a landing page—that someone can use to learn more about your business. Branding is the very strong image that you create to convince someone to work with you.”

Omer expanded on this insight with an example of successful branding. “If you think about Volvo, you associate it with safety. That is part of their branding that they’ve built over many years.”

So, what comes first: branding or marketing?

“Clients come to me all the time and say they need to get a marketing video out there,” answers Omer. “Usually we stop them and ask if they have the branding. The point of marketing is to catch eyeballs. However, we don’t spend a lot of time looking at something unless it captures our attention. At that point we are engaged and will spend more time. So, branding needs to be in line before the marketing takes place. Otherwise it will be a waste of time, effort, and money.”

Arathi continued the discussion by asking, “What are some of the mistakes businesses make with online marketing?”

“Everyone is doing online marketing, so it has become very saturated,” said Omer. “You really need to stand out. And, so every different demographic—age, gender, level of income, whatever it is—we should actually break it down and create a very unique message and solution for each.”

“And, it’s not just about creating different messages but using different tools,” he continued. “When it comes to online marketing there are tools that everyone knows. We have Facebook, we have Instagram, and, lately, we have TikTok. Facebook would be something for a more mature audience, 35 to 65 years old. But if you have a product for a 16 year-old, you really want to use the right platform. No one from this audience would be on Facebook. You would want to create something for TikTok.

Arathi then turned to the discussion’s attendees, who took turns answering a series of questions about their own companies’ branding and marketing efforts. Each of them presented their own ideas, and Omer and Arathi addressed any challenges they faced and provided some tools these business owners could use to create even better branding/marketing decisions for their companies.

The hugely successful event left those in attendance with powerful resources and knowledge necessary to improve their businesses’ brand messaging and marketing efforts.

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