Douglas Gardens Celebrates 40 years of Service


In 1979 Douglas Gardens began providing  mental health services to the community of Miami Beach as a non-profit corporation. The services  were designed  for individuals with chronic mental illness and other acute emotional needs. The services include psychiatric treatment, counseling and case management services. Additionally, services and treatment to individuals living homeless to assist in securing permanent housing is provided as well as residential treatment in Miami Beach, North Miami and North Miami Beach. Some specialized programs include: Employment services, Substance Abuse treatment and Domestic violence intervention. The LGBT community is also included in our mission of service.


The focus for 2020 is the development of our Drop-in Center, a social and recreational program for day services to support social integration as well as FRIENDSHIP games which is an annual event for competition in sports and talent promoting awareness and social acceptance of people with mental illness. We want to STAMP OUT STIGMA which is our current focus moving forward.

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