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Over 20 years in Human Resources outsourcing has shown us that organizations evaluating a PEO relationship in-house often find the process overwhelming.   An example such as the client case below demonstrates how bringing in The OIS Group, at no cost, can increase the likelihood of achieving the best outcome.


We helped a 300-employee medical group save 20% on HR benefits needs.  This clinical practice was already working with a PEO when The OIS Group was brought in to provide an independent analysis.

We were able to take an unbiased approach, streamline the process, identify opportunities and provide transparency.  After reviewing multiple options with, or without PEO’s, our unique expertise clearly demonstrated that a PEO provider was a better choice for the group’s needs. The end result was a 6-figure savings, a more robust employee benefits package, streamlined processes and a proactive HR delivery that kept pace with the group’s rapid expansion.

Our clients are truly able to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale and a one stop shop solution. Whether it’s HR outsourcing, leveraging group purchasing power, traditional payroll and insurance, or a combination of all, The OIS Group is able to offer a customized solution tailored specifically to the company’s needs.

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