Captain’s Tavern Restaurant shall remain open at least until the 22nd century!

Image Credit: Eater Miami
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Completely unfounded rumors have been spread around town to the effect that Captain’s Tavern Restaurant is closing. I am pleased to report that this is totally untrue. Captain Bill (as I call him) and Audrey Bowers happily continue to own and operate this local institution. Since the 1970s, the Captain’s Tavern Restaurant has served the freshest seafood, steaks, and other menu items, complimented by its much beloved bar and world class wine selection. Bill and Audrey are the principal owners of the land on which the restaurant and the fish market is located. Why would they consider closing the restaurant that they love as much as they love their patrons?

There is a simple reason for the false rumors which have been spread around. It would be easy to say that these are rumors spread by the competition…but there is no competition for Captain’s Tavern Restaurant in the area. So what would drive such rumors? There are certain real estate brokers and an investment group lurking around making a concerted effort to acquire and assemble the multiple properties which are in the immediate vicinity of the Captain’s Tavern Restaurant. These properties all share the same parking lot.

Image Credit: Eater Miami

Rumors that Captain’s Tavern Restaurant will close are nothing more than a malicious effort to impact the restaurant to the point that the driving forces behind such rumors might have a better chance at acquiring the Captain’s Tavern Restaurant property (yes, they have made that effort, which has miserably failed). There is no good reason to sell the restaurant property, nor any desire to end the continued successful operation of the Captain’s Tavern Restaurant.

You do not have to worry about the loss of a favorite restaurant destination which, for many of you and your families, you have grown with, enjoyed and continued to come back to, much like a family reunion. Anyone who tells you that the Captain’s Tavern Restaurant is closing…just tell them they must believe in “fake news” because it is simply and completely untrue.

Captain’s Tavern Restaurant looks forward to seeing you and your friends and families for many, many years to come.

The restaurant is located at 9625 South Dixie Hwy., Pinecrest, FL 33156. For more information call 305-666-5979.

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  1. I have been eating here since I was little. The food is amazing, as well as the staff. My Mom and I eat here frequently. They never disappoint. It is one of my favorites!

  2. The place is awsome! Food and service. Went there with my wife ambiance and service was on point . Will definitely be returning.

  3. We have been going there since inception and I can remember taking my daughter in a baby carrier when she was just a few days old. However, we love our old landmarks as much as the next person but for a popular eatery there is absolutely no excuse for uncleanliness or for bugs to be found in and around the various food prep stations. Sometime being old and popular breeds complacency. If they expect my continued support and patronage, they must clean up their act or just close up like the rest of the business that have done so for whatever the reason is.

  4. Great restaurant-good food at reasonable prices in a pleasant setting. What else does one want in a restaurant?

  5. We have been going to Captains Tavern since 1976 and we absolutely love the food, the ambiance and the service—glad to hear they will be around for many more years!!!!

  6. We have never been disappointed at the Tavern. The food is fresh, expertly prepared and delicious. Bar area is lively and fun. Service is great both in the dining room and bar. Keep up the great service and food.
    The Rivera Family

  7. I was hoping to read that CT was getting a facelift. The food is great but have they replaced that carpet yet?

  8. I use to sell them fresh seafood. This place only buys the best quality. I continue to eat there. It may not look fancy but the food is 2nd to none.

  9. We love Captains Tavern. It’s a perfect neighborhood restaurant and they’re really aren’t many left. The kitschy mariners decor and comfortable carpeted dining room is all part of the appeal. I’m glad to see Community Neespapers see the record straight. I’ve heard this rumors too and it’s important that the community take a stand and support family owned and operated businesses.

  10. We have always had good service and meals at Captain’s Tavern. I don’t think the the place would be the same if they decided to “fix it up”. Part of its charm is the original artwork and other decorations. To us, “The Captain” never disapoints”. So glad they are here to stay.

  11. When we moved to this area we loved eating at Vsptains Tabern. However, we stopped because the service starting getting bad and the place is a bit run down. For the prices they charge I rather go someplace else. We hope it gets fixed up so we can go back because we liked the food.


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