Positive People – Alexander Acevedo

Positive People - Alexander Acevedo

Alexander Acevedo

Christopher Columbus High senior Alexander Acevedo has many accomplishments, including being a pitcher on the state champion baseball team. The team is ranked eighth nationally, based on last year’s winning record.

As a senior, Acevedo is expecting more playing time. He pitched well last year, but the seniors played most often.

Even with the loss of last year’s seniors, he expects this year’s team to do well.

“If the pitching steps up, if we can come together as a pitching staff does our job, we can have a dominating staff as seniors,” he says. “We’re just looking forward to that opportunity.”

Baseball has been a big part of his life and he was happy to share his love of the game with the kids in the Miracle League.

“Last year we had a Miracle League game at Columbus,” he says. “We had them come to our field. All the guys got to participate. We helped them run the bases or bat. It was a lot of fun.”

Those children who were confined to wheelchairs were pushed around on the field by Columbus players.

His community service includes his work as a retreat leader for the Campus Ministry, which has enabled him to lead several retreats. Leading retreats is something that he particularly enjoys doing.

He’s also helped his mom at the schools that she’s worked at. She’s now head of the Downtown Doral Charter School so before school opened, Acevedo helped set up classrooms and carried a lot of books into classrooms.

“We just had a Christmas event at the school,” he says. “We worked with the kids and had fun.”

At Columbus, he’s in student government and the National Honor Society, which has a requirement that members tutor a minimum of 20 hours a year.

“I like to help students, especially in math,” he says. The students are in my grade or in other grades.”

He will not only help them during regular tutoring hours, he’ll also work with them the morning of a test, so he’s sure the student has retained the knowledge to do well on the exam.

While Acevedo loves playing baseball, he also has a passion for art. He’s a member of the National Art Honor Society which was just formed this year.

“It’s a bunch of guys who like to make art,” he says. “The guys are very talented.”

As a group, club members go to events such as Art Basel. He’s also in the art club, which he says is a little less exclusive.

Acevedo grew up with art. His father is the art teacher at Columbus. Acevedo uses charcoal when he wants to create his art.

“I love the charcoal, the shading and the details you can do with the shading,” he says.

He’s also learning how to create digital art on his tablet using Pro Create.

“It’s a cool app. I wouldn’t say it’s easy to use, but it’s not messy,” he says. “I’ve had a lot of fun, learning. I’ve come across things that I didn’t know I could do.”

He also does conventional art. He’s a fan of landscapes and still life.

In college Acevedo wants to major in business, specifically entrepreneurial business.

“What I would do, get my law degree and start my own business,” he says. “I want to be an entrepreneur.”

While he’s not ready to make a decision as to what kind of business he’d open, he already has a few ideas.

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