SMPD ‘Operation Summer Clearance’ hits the streets

Officers prepare to enter a suspect grow house
Officers prepare to enter a suspect grow house

You could almost “smell the napalm” the morning of “Operation Summer Clearance” when over 40 suited up SMPD officers, DEA agents, Opa Locka officers and US Marshals hit the streets in 24 vehicles to arrest 13 identified street level narcotics dealers in the conclusion of a two month investigation. Six arrests were ultimately secured in an operation that began at 4:30 am after roll call in city hall chambers.

“One of the subjects is wanted for attempted murder,” said SMPD Major Rene Landa. “We coordinate with supporting agencies and the state attorney’s office for an operation like this.” Directed by an operational commander, the convoy of vehicles stopped in teams at area residences where those with arrest warrants for the sale of narcotics were presumed to be.

Undercover agents who had ingratiated themselves with the alleged dealers over time were present to identify those involved in previous “buys.” One hydroponic grow room was discovered in one of the targeted homes.

“Narcotics detectives will interview those in custody,” said Landa. Depending on their arrest record and what they do, some are processed and released until their court date and others may be held downtown.”

Evidence impounded from suspect’s grow house

Prisoner property is impounded and recorded in an arrest log and a BOLO or “be on the look-out” notice is circulated to all area law enforcement. “We put a BOLO out to area cops seeking all subjects and they will find out we are looking for them. The bottom line is we don’t want to come back looking for you, so give us a call.”

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