SM Middle School students walked into a prettier school

South Miami Middle School
Volunteer Group

The school, located at 6750 SW 60th St., had bout $20,000 in greenery added – 750 new plants, 15 pallets of grass, 400 bags of mulch and more. There were also some coats of fresh paint and carpentry work. It took 360 volunteers, 22 wheelbarrows, 35 shovels, dozens of rakes, more than 30 gallons of paint, 4 carpenters and loads of kids from both Christ Journey Church and the Middle School to make this huge project happen. South Miami Middle Cheerleaders and Band Members joined in the effort at their school.

“It’s who we [church members] are and what we do,” Chris Lane, the organizer of the event, said. “We get out there and give back in this great community.”

Joe Oves, owner of Santa Barbara Nursery, 20425 SW 177th Ave., donated much of the greenery to the City Serve.

For more information about the future City Serves and how to join in, call 305-448-4425 or e-mail

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