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Joseph Haber, Executive Director & Maxine Haber, Co-Founder,

The was foundedin 2006 by Joseph and Maxine Haber. After in 2006 by Joseph and Maxine Haber. After Mr. Haber developed diabetes, he found that the cost for this new medical condition was taxing, even though he was a successful entrepreneur. Initially, diagnosis can be overwhelming because of the numerous medical bills and prescription costs, even with excellent health insurance. It was this fact that led Mr. and Mrs. Haber to establish their foundation to help families in need of financial support for the maintenance of juvenile diabetes.

The is a one ofa- kind organization that focuses on the “Here and Now” needs of families with diabetes. They provide immediate cash grants to help families with co pays, medical supplies and other expenses associated with diabetes. The foundation is also involved in other community causes that bring awareness to diabetes, obesity prevention, health, nutrition and hunger.

“Raising money to help these families is a personal mission for me,” says Joseph Haber, Executive Director of “Having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I am aware of the financial impact this disease has on families.”

The foundation’s fundraising efforts have taken many forms. Most noticeably, the foundation worked in conjunction with AMC 24 Theaters and Aventura Mall to host a private film screening and silent auction. Instead of watching previews prior to the film, Haber spoke to the crowd about the increasing number of juvenile diabetes cases in the US. Future community-based events include the upcoming 1K in One Day and the Annual Fitness Fair.

For more information about Diabetic- and its efforts to assist needy families, visit or call Joseph Haber at 305-771-1001.

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