Around Town

A sign of the times, and stormy weather brewing!


Ready, aim, fire…station! Resident David Zisman and others attracted some attention with a banner sign raised to boast about the proposed new fire station’s location. Some of the area neighbors were reportedly less than thrilled, but there’s some past history involved, too, so it’s not too surprising. A nearby fire …

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Breakfast Break Up


Couldn’t help but see Cong. Carlos Curbelo and former FIU president Mitch Maidique at Deli Lane chatting up a storm with another gentlemen, as I plopped myself down within earshot. Wow! My gossip radar was up and in full operational mode, listening and watching. Then, much to my chagrin, former …

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Drive safely, and get ready for the 4th of July!


Now underway, so take note! The SW 212 Street Drainage Improvement Project is being constructed in front of Cutler Bay High School along SW 212 Street between SW 87 Avenue and SW 85 Avenue during the summer break. It will include drainage improvements, an exfiltration trench for water quality treatment, …

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Summer and summer camp are almost upon us!


June is just days away, and with the youngsters out of school and looking for some fun special activities to fill some of those free hours (and parents, we know you’re looking for those, too) it’s definitely not too early to mention some of the options that are available. Summer …

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