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Miami’s Community Newspapers’ services all South Florida. We distribute our newspapers throughout the Greater Miami Area. Our newspapers are among the widely-read papers in South Florida.

Here is a list of our newspapers in Miami:


Miami’s community newspapers’ influences the news culture of all South Florida. South Florida advertising does not need to obstruct the local climate. Fundamentally understanding the cultural ethnographic regions of South Florida greatly benefits ad campaigns. Because of our thorough research into the city, we have a well-developed knowledge of South Florida’s customs, norms, and population.

Asserting financial dominance in advertisements is no longer a nuanced approach. At most, it is distasteful. Discounts are good if they are subtle, and not overbearing in an advertising campaign. Consider companies that sell cars when you think of advertising. Their advertising is done in-house, and it is, frankly, horrible. Their reputation is dirty because of the association they created to their ads. Clean and compact advertising constructs ground for well-deserved respect for a company.

Designing your advertisement is the first step towards communicating with your audience. Our graphic designers create advertisements for newspapers, banners, social media, and more advertising avenues. Forsaking your community is the number one offense you can commit against your company. The integral element of an advertising campaign is comprehending the differences within your community: this ranges from color preference to what stores the people of your community frequent. Our job is to connect you to your community. Our advertising campaigns are not solely in print: we offer many services in digital and social media marketing. The trick to successful advertising campaigns is simple: the secret is simplicity and consistency.


The advertising atmosphere of South Florida is cluttered with unsubstantial claims and promises. I am not talking about the advertising companies: I am speaking of the advertisements. Every advertising company in Miami is valuable. The problem lies within the advertisement. Most advertisements in South Florida are forgettable because they do not consider the consumer as a person but as a brain. The brain is wonderful in all the processes it undergoes daily, but it is not a mechanism which can be altered to meet the needs of a company. People are sensible. People are more than brains; they are souls. Truth has a profound effect on people because it appeals to their innermost faculties.

A truthful approach to advertising is seldom seen by advertisers who want to build a quick momentum. When you mix oil in water, it does not rise immediately. Companies with dignity surface although they may not have immediate success. The instant gratification culture of the United States is constantly exacerbated by the never-ending ebb of consumerism. Consumers do not enjoy consuming. They feel gluttonous afterward. Greed is a feeling that lingers, and if your company evokes an inkling of it, you will not have good results with your audience. The gluttony of the world needs to be cut. This trend explains the cultural lean towards minimalism. People are tired of being overwhelmed: they want a profound experience. Contributing to a good company, “good” in all connotations of the word, brings satisfaction to consumers. It makes them feel less wasteful. Your job as a company is to reduce waste; both physical and of the conscious. That is the center of advertising: weaning the excess.




Our partners are the people we hire. The employee is a lowly term today, and it does not establish a sense of community within the workplace. The workplace is literally a home away from home. It is the place where people enjoy the work they do: they may not enjoy it while they do it because work is enjoyed once we see the fruits of our labor. Any branch of work can attest to that satisfaction which is only harvested after consistent labor.

We do not want your advertising campaign to be infused with negative energy. We maintain a positive attitude, and though the work may be difficult, we do not lose our appetite for helping you achieve your advertising goals. There is no need to subjugate your company to greed. We offer cost-efficient advertising campaigns. You will be proud of the work we’ve done in the name of your company.

Miami’s Community Newspapers looks out for your interests while maintaining the interests of your community acquiesced. We guarantee a carefully guided campaign to raise you into relevance with South Florida.