Aventura welcomes two new principals, Anthony Tyrkala and David McKnight

Aventura welcomes two new principals, Anthony Tyrkala and David McKnight
Aventura welcomes two new principals, Anthony Tyrkala and David McKnight
Ignacio Arias, Mora Muchuli, David McKnight, Anya Tkach, Megan Stein, Camilla Nilia, and Jason Benezra.

“I welcome both of our new principals to our City’s two wonderful schools, and I have high expectations for them!”, Aventura Mayor Enid Weisman

Anthony Tyrkala, Principal
ACES (Aventura City of Excellence School)

Aventura’s state-of-the-art K-8 Charter School opened in August 2003 and has been winning awards ever since. Operated by the City in conjunction with Charter Schools USA, there are over 1,000 students who are fortunate enough to attend this “A-rated” school .

The City, ACES staff , teachers and students welcomed in Anthony Tyrkala as their new principal as the 2019-20 school year opened, although Tyrkala was a familiar face at ACES for the past seven years as he served as teacher, Dean of Students and then Assistant Principal.

After serving in the Army, he realized he could make a difference with students who struggle, and with his degree in Social Science Education, he moved to Miami and began his ACES career. “It’s rewarding to know that every decision has a direct impact on the lives of students and teachers. Our students are always first, but I hold the profession of teaching in such high regard that I am committed to doing anything I can to make our teachers’ lives easier and have them do what they are most passionate about—and that is teaching! My guiding principle is to remove obstacles from my teachers….trying to minimize paperwork while meeting all compliance pieces. At ACES, I love the fact that everyone has an “all hands-on-deck mentality” to do whatever it takes for our ACES family to succeed.

Through my years at ACES, I really enjoyed coaching flag football to see students in their element outside of school; seeing the sense of student camaraderie built through the Spirit Teams; and watching the students move from kindergarten through to 8th grade—a unique opportunity that allows us to share information between grade levels and reach each and every student. ACES graduates often come back and thank us , saying that their ACES education and experiences helped them succeed in high school and that they could always tell an ACES student because of the quality of their work, organizational skills and work ethic. I believe strongly that the maintenance and continued collaborative culture ACES has created and fostered will be the primary determinant of continued seamless success, and I am honored to serve as Principal.”

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