Retiring Aventura SWAT Team Leader Sean Bergert honored

Retiring Aventura SWAT Team Leader Sean Bergert honored

Retiring Aventura SWAT Team Leader Sean Bergert honoredAt a recent Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce meeting, Aventura Police Department Chief Bryan Pegues spoke on behalf of his entire department to thank and recognize SWAT Team Leader Sean Bergert for protecting our community for over 20 years.

Pegues said, “Courage is the ability to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear or difficulty due to mental or moral strength. Courage must be the primary virtue of a Police Officer’s constitution as we have taken an oath to place other lives above our own.

A Police Officer pledges to run towards danger but this does not happen in a vacuum. We are human beings, meaning that both fear and the need for self-preservation is ever present. Fortunately, God gives us the courage to knowingly face mortal danger, satisfied with the inner knowledge that we are fighting on the side of good. Our courage is inspired by the bravery of our peers and reinforced by teamwork. When Officers are faced with daunting challenges, like we are in our world today, it is courage that sustains us.

Tonight, I am honored to recognize an employee who embodies courage, exemplifies sacrifice, dedication and professionalism – the highest ideals in law enforcement. I am honored to tell you about an individual, who has pushed our organization forward and has been there protecting our community for over 20 years — SWAT Team Leader Sean Bergert. For almost two decades, he has dedicated his life to leading a premier tactical team that is held in high esteem by all our law enforcement peers. His relentless pursuit of knowledge, ability to correctly foresee the need for changes in tactics, and to confidently implement these changes, speak to his strength of character and to his exemplary leadership ability. I can confidently state that our SWAT Team would not have succeeded without him.

He has been a mentor to many of our officers throughout the years, including myself. His only goals were to make us better and to ensure we went home after each operation. He consistently overachieved in both these areas. For that we are truly thankful.

Over the years he managed countless tactical operations for both the City of Aventura and the City of North Miami Beach with the utmost skill and confidence. Many of these operations involved heart- wrenching scenes of unimaginable violence against women, children and innocent victims going about their normal routines. He successfully managed all of these with professionalism and skill. The citizens of both our communities owe him a debt of gratitude for the countless times when criminals inflicted violence on others or when women, children and the elderly were harmed by evil, and Sean and his team were the ones that safely ran the missions to protect the innocent victims, bring the offenders to justice and ensured that all our officers came home safely. And we always did.

Time and time again, his outstanding performance as our Team Leader has created a sense of pride and accomplishment throughout our organization. We appreciate the sacrifices you have made for us over the years, and we know that many of these came at great personal cost, and we cannot thank you enough.”

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