Don’t let senior age or disability stop you

Don’t let senior age or disability stop you
Don’t let senior age or disability stop you
Carolyn Kerner Stein

After twenty years as a caregiver for my husband who had Parkinson’s, I have gathered some important information on life as a senior. I confess I am an insufferable “senager” (senior teenager), chronologically gifted (anyone over 70), and my shelf life does not have an expiration date.

When I speak with groups of seniors, slow walkers or people with possibilities (disabilities) or have challenging disorders, I share my proven wisdom.

1. Your age is NOT your identity. Limited physical ability can still offer many possibilities.

2. Learn the power of positive self talk. Your brain believes everything you tell it, and echoes it back to you. A positive attitude releases energy.

3. Keep moving! Walking is the best exercise, but if that is not your ability, there are exercises such as Ageless Grace chair exercises that almost anyone can do, and it releases neuroplasticity in your brain. Rock Steady Boxing, which releases endorphins and dopamine, can also be done in a chair.

4. Make a definite effort to be social. There are senior groups available at most community centers. ROMEO (Retired Older Men Eating Out) is a national organization offering men the opportunity to get together for lunch or dinner once a month or once a week. Women, join a book, movie, card or civil events group, or start one! Check “Meet Ups” in the newspaper.

5. Bring enthusiasm into your life! Don’t give up on travel. There are travel companies that specialize in seniors, slow walkers and people with disabilities.

Carolyn Kerner Stein is an author, international speaker and executive coach. Visit; 305.931.3237;

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