VI at Aventura hosts Tracy Wilson Mourning

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Vi at Aventura, the luxury senior lifecare center, the life plan community that gives residents independent living while having a plan for continuing care, recently hosted the Chairman’s Roundtable from the Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce (AMC).

Vi at Aventura is known for their beautifully sophisticated surroundings, made even more so by their recent renovations…but who would have known that they also have two chefs who create award-winning meals? AMC Roundtable members found out first-hand about the amazing delicacies the chefs prepared for the luncheon, as well as walking through the beautiful facility on their way to the Azure Dining Room, overlooking the lush gardens of the Vi at Aventura.

Their special guest speaker was Tracy Wilson Mourning—mentor, designer, broadcast journalist, motivational speaker and soon-to-be-published author. Tracy is also the founder of HoneyShine, a mentoring program that is dedicated to enriching the lives of young girls through positive exposures and educational experiences.

Tracy spoke from the heart about her experiences growing up and was simply mesmerizing! As beautiful and cultured as she is, Tracy spoke about her childhood and the struggles her family went through, with her tough-as-nails mother always protecting her and ensuring that she had a good education.” My mother is the smartest woman I know, and I can only wish to have some of her wisdom” she said.

“In 1964, it was against the law for a white woman to marry a black man in the State of Kentucky, but that didn’t stop my mother. She would say ‘Tracy, you can stand in front of anyone in your truth’. It was not until I had my own children that I understood the strength of a woman, and the strength of my mother. When G-d places something in your heart, you are going to have obstacles and it’s not going to be easy, but G-d will always make a way. When we look at everything in life with gratitude, we win in life. Your life is not about all the material things…it’s not about where you live…it IS about the difference you make in this world. “

Cesar Arguelles, Executive Sales Director Vi at Aventura said, “We were very proud to have the inspiring Tracy Wilson Mourning share with us her life experience. Her passion for working and helping women better themselves was truly a powerful message that we thank her for sharing that with us.”

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